Thursday, August 6, 2009

We can't afford the US House health care bill.

The House of Representatives was reviewed by the Heritage Foundation which in turn had an independent health care group research firm, The Lewin Group, research the impact of the plan. What did they find? A foretaste of government run health care. According to Heritage Foundation:
There are many interesting findings from the Lewin study, including that 83 million Americans will LOSE their current health insurance and move on to the government-run system while early 17 million Americans will still be uninsured. And all of this at a cost of at least $1 trillion in the first 10 years. This does not even begin to address the fact that in every country that has moved to a government-run system, health outcomes for those who fall ill are dramatically worse than in the United States.
More government, millions uninsured while costing us a trillion dollars over the next 10 years and a massive transfer of people to the federal government health care plan.

What is the answer? Restoring market forces to the current health care system and encourage people to provide their own health care through Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). And a plan to help the truly needy and less fortunate. Health care costs will never get controlled unless the market is restored or government rationing is implemented which raises the specter of all sorts of other problems. Remember, many of the problems inherent in our current health care system are due to the government.


Elaine said...

But we were able to afford a sinful war? We can afford billions of dollars to support the oil companies and whats worse the pharmacutical companies.

But we can not afford to give the medication to the people.

The only thing here we can not afford is the sin to not cover health care for all people.

The only thing we can not afford is the moral decay of the radical extremist right.

Claude said...

What in your mind can we afford? The deaths of millions because they can not afford health care? We can afford even the idea that children are without health care?

This is proof that there is no grounded religion at all in your beliefs just power.

Thank the powers to be that there is seperation of church and state, at least seperation from the extremists such as yourself.

Blog mole said...

Elaine and Claude, your intolerance is unbelievable. I have a right to oppose this for any reason I choose. Who are you to tell me it's right or wrong? Again, you misrepresent the separation of church and state clause. Do you have an original thought?

Claude said...

You are allowed to make any choice for what ever reason as long as its legal.

Same for myself.

The thing you can NOT do is force your religion and your behaviors on me.

Elaine said...

and just how is seperation of church and state is suppose to be representated?