Friday, August 14, 2009

Hypocritical bungling

President Obama's handlers aren't giving him good advice. First, they either underestimated the validity of the grassroots resistance to government health care, or they recognized it as legitimate and tried to combat it with ridicule and name-calling. Whatever motivated this response, it was a big mistake. The hostility to his plan is, for the most part, real, grassroots and unscripted.

To make matters worse, his handlers then put President Obama in a staged town hall meeting with softball questions, especially a scripted question from a young girl whose mother is an Obama organizer.

It's a bit hypocritical to question the legitimacy of average Americans at town hall meeting across the country and then stage a phony town hall meeting of your own.

Let's see what his handlers have planned for Obama's town hall meetings today in Montana.


Elaine said...

The truth will set us all free. And the fear tactics will catch up with you.

I will pray for the anti christ behaviors of your lives.

Elaine said...

hypocritical bungling? like the statement of death panels?

Chuck Darrell said...


Even his supporters agree that Obama has lost control of the debate for the time being.

One of his supporters noted that Obama doesn't have his own bill. The bills under consideration were developed by the house etc. The supporter felt that not having his own bill made it hard for Obama to communicate the contents, hence the confusion (and anger) over what the bills actually contain.

Jesus was a liberal said...

one supporter does not make a support base. Please stop with the fear tactics and hypocritical bungling since that was what this subject line was all about. Blanket statements like that is the definition of bungling.

Anonymous said...

There would be no confusion if it wasn't for the outright lies and fear tactics of irresponsible and very dangerous statements were not made from the right-wing alarmists.