Monday, August 17, 2009

Is dropping "public option" a bait and switch in health care reform strategy? I wouldn't be surprised.

Word out of the White House is they're willing to drop the "public option" provision to get a health care reform bill. If that's the case I'm still very concerned with what they'll come up with. Frankly, public option could just be a stalking horse. They'll just come back with expanded regulations of the private sector or establishment of a government body with extensive regulatory power and get with they want via another means. Push back from liberals in the House will give them cover for pushing for more government, non-"public option" regulations.

Remember, the source of our health care problems is largely the government. It's distorted the health care market to such an extent that people are not responsible for their health care purchases and usage and the costs of health care has gone through the roof. Injecting more government intervention in the system will only make matter's worse. Empowering individuals is what government should do rather than deciding what health care people should have and how they receive it. The worldview of the powers-that-be are clearly in the "more government" camp whatever they come up with.

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Elaine said...

The only switch and bait that is going on is the one that the extremist religous organization uses when they say their opinions and actions are based on their faith. When its really about power greed and ownership of people.

which is oppression and slavery.

just my opinion.