Friday, April 27, 2007

Special Session, Government Shutdown?

By Tom Prichard

With a little over four weeks until the legislature is required by the
state constitution to conclude it's work (May 22nd), most Capitol insiders
expect a special session. Governor Pawlenty has staked out a strong
position on not raising taxes and DFL leaders in the legislature have a lot
of special interest groups expecting more money and benefits. DFL Senate
has already voted to raise taxes by over $1.25 billion dollars.

So I don't expect things to be resolved by May 22. Often times governors
won't call the legislature back into session until a deal is struck. Or
Pawlenty could force them to keep working by immediately calling a special
session. The last time there was a government shutdown, the state
legislature took a lot of heat in the next election. If that were to happen
now, DFL legislators in the House could take a big hit in the 2008
elections. I think Pawlenty should hang tough. The state already has
budget surplus of over $2 billion and spending is projected to go up 9.3%
over the next two years under his budget. At a time when personal income
grew only 3.8% in the last reporting year, the legislature doesn't need to
double that in increased government spending.

Monday, April 23, 2007

UK regulations on religion

By Tom Prichard

The increasingly aggressive and militant homosexual agenda is viewed for some observers as the greatest threat to religious liberties of Christians in the West. From the push for homosexual marriage to hate crimes laws reflect efforts to eliminate public disapproval and opposition to homosexuality. An excellent example is the United Kingdom’s new Sexual Orientation Regulations which would prohibit Christian schools, services and businesses from speaking or acting negatively towards homosexuality.

A couple of examples already illustrate what this means. First, Catholic adoption agencies in England will be forced to close their doors because of its policy of not placing adoptive children with homosexual couples. British government officials view this as discriminatory, and not as common sense. If Catholic agencies won’t change, then the government can shut down their Catholic adoptive services.

Then there’s the case of the Anglican bishop in Chester, England who said that homosexuals “could and should seek medical help to ‘reorient’ themselves”. For those comments the bishop was investigated by the local police. The local police chief “advised” him that, “civic leaders ought to promote diversity – including homosexuality… in a positive manner.”

Now with the new sexual orientation regulations, religious leaders of all faiths in England are concerned that the government will be aggressively going after speech or activities of those who believe homosexuality is wrong or unhealthy. This is of immediate concern to Christians in England, but it should also be of concern to Christians in the United States where the speech and behavior of people who believe homosexual behavior is wrong and harmful is also being targeted.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

MFC agrees with Rep. Greiling, sex ed curricula in public schools contains activities that are "obscene" and "bizarre"

Yesterday, Barb Anderson of MFC held a press conference that identified unhealthy sex activities contained in several sex education curricula used in public schools. In an article by Tim Budig of HometownSource, Rep. Mindy Greiling, DFL-Roseville, said, "Anderson and others bring an extreme voice to the sex education debate. The recent testimony of anti-comprehensive sex education activists before her House education committee was 'obscene' and 'bizarre.'"” “They’re way off base,” she said. Click Here to view testimony - and decide for yourself.

Well, we agree, some of the content contained in comprehensive sex ed curricula is extreme, obscene and bizarre.

We would also add - unhealthy. For example:

“In the Birds & Bees Project guide for educators," said Anderson, "as well as in their teen brochures, students ages 15 and up learn how to make dental dams “for oral sex on the vulva or the anus. This is unfit in a public school setting and is giving young people sexual options that are unhealthy and life threatening – opening more children up to disease.”

“Where is the scientific evidence that anal sex or oral-anal contact taught in comprehensive sex education materials is healthy? There is none. Kids who practice oral sex are now getting STDs in their mouth, throat and tonsils. Rimming and anal sex provide a vast opportunity for a whole host of sexually transmitted diseases. More and more children are being put at risk with this kind of teaching,” said Anderson.

Rep. Greiling, if Anderson's testimony is obscene it is because the material contained in the curriculum is obscene. MFC finds it "way off base" that you would resort to name-calling rather than protecting our school children from unhealthy sexual practices.

MFC and EdWatch call on legislators to reject unhealthy, anti-family, anti-parent provisions in the House K-12 education spending bill

Press Release

ST. PAUL – Two Minnesota groups jointly released a list of top reasons for legislators to reject unhealthy, anti-family, anti-parent provisions in the House K-12 education spending bill. The Minnesota Family Council and EdWatch today called on House members to reject the provisions which they call dangerous and an unwarranted government intrusion into parenting when the bill is up for a floor vote today.

Government intrusion into parenting unhealthy for families and children
Dr. Karen Effrem of EdWatch identified five different early childhood proposals that are highly objectionable. “These are nothing short of a government assault on the minds of our children and a massive takeover of parenting in the state of Minnesota,” she said. One example she listed was government setting norms for all children from birth to age five in areas like mental health, gender issues, diversity training, and environmentalism. “These have nothing to do with closing the achievement gap,” she stated.

Psychiatric screening is another area the groups highlighted. The controversial mental screening program, TeenScreen, has drawn intense public opposition. “HF6 simply hides TeenScreen by giving it a generic name to avoid the controversy,” stated Effrem, “but the author made it clear that TeenScreen is the program that will be funded. The language is intentionally misleading.”

Curricula used for comprehensive sex education unhealthy for children
Tom Prichard of Minnesota Family Council said that HF6 would force comprehensive sex education programs on all middle and high schools in the state. “This is an unhealthy proposal which will be foisted on Minnesota students in every grade from 7 through 12.”

“After reviewing several sex education curricula” added Chuck Darrell director of communications for MFC, “we are certain the instruction will lead to more teens engaging in unhealthy, dangerous forms of sexual activity like oral, anal, and even anal-oral sex. The content is graphic and offensive and even made legislators blush in legislative hearings on the bill.”

“A recent study showed an explosion in STD’s and STI’s including Chlamydia. The reason for the explosion is not abstinence. It is because children are being taught to engage in unhealthy sexual activity,” said Darrell.

“The discussion of abstinence in comprehensive sex education is merely window dressing, said Prichard. “The focus of the curriculum is use of contraceptives. In addition, marriage is not encouraged. We can’t ignore marriage when sexual activity is discussed,” he said. “No legislator should support such a program.”

“We are asking legislators to drop these intrusive provisions. If they are not dropped, legislators should reject the overall bill,” Prichard said. “Minnesota parents don’t want the state promoting programs that undermine our children’s health and well-being.”

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Responsible family life and sexuality education" provisions in HF 6 unhealthy to children

MFC Press Release

Group exposes unhealthy implications of “Responsible family life and sexuality education” provisions in HF 6

Group says teaching children to use dental dams for anal-oral sex is just one of several unhealthy activities contributing to rise in STD’s.

MINNEAPOLIS – Drawing a parallel between a recent study citing a two-fold rise in Chlamydia and sex education curricula used in public schools, a group of parents and students exposed the unhealthy activities taught to students and called upon the legislature to remove the sex education provisions from House File 6.

Barb Anderson identified three sex education curricula used in public schools including Reducing the Risk, Safer Choices, and The Educators’ Guide to Reproductive Health by the Birds & Bees Project.

“In the Birds & Bees Project guide for educators, as well as in their teen brochures, students ages 15 and up learn how to make dental dams “for oral sex on the vulva or the anus,” said Anderson. “This is unfit in a public school setting and is giving young people sexual options that are unhealthy and life threatening – opening more children up to disease.”

“Where is the scientific evidence that anal sex or oral-anal contact taught in comprehensive sex education materials is healthy? There is none. Kids who practice oral sex are now getting STDs in their mouth, throat and tonsils. Rimming and anal sex provide a vast opportunity for a whole host of sexually transmitted diseases. More and more children are being put at risk with this kind of teaching,” said Anderson.

Gayla Bell, a parent in the Eden Prairie School District presented research that the unhealthy curricula was on display and promoted at the Minnesota School Health Education Conference. “The graphic and unhealthy detail of these curricula is harmful to our children, said Bell. “Giving multiple sexual options to kids, including oral, anal sex and ‘rimming,’ will further spread disease amongst our youth. Condoms and dental dams do not make oral and anal sex healthy or safe,” she said.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Youth convicted of murder pleads early stages of schizophrenia due to pot smoking.

Boys, 16 and 14, stabbed in explosion of anger
Concern over mental health risk of cannabis Jeevan Vasagar Wednesday March 21, 2007
The Guardian

A youth who murdered two school friends with a hunting knife was jailed for life yesterday in a case which has raised questions about the mental health risks of cannabis. Thomas Palmer, a habitual cannabis user, was 18 when he killed the two boys in an "explosion of anger" which left one of them with his head almost severed.

He cut 16-year-old Steven Bayliss's throat and stabbed Nuttawut Nadauld, 14, on a footpath near their home in Finchampstead, Berkshire, in September 2005. Palmer admitted killing the boys but denied murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility, claiming he was in the early stages of schizophrenia. A jury at Reading crown court yesterday rejected this and found him guilty of murder.

Complete story

Republicans to counter gay-rights initiatives
Star Tribune
Conrad Defiebre
April 12, 2007 – 8:49 PM

Culture wars are back at the Capitol as Republicans reload a constitutional amendment to counter DFL gay-rights initiatives.

Complete story

Canadians Apologize to World for Same-Sex Marriage

Canadians apologize for public policy that ignores the needs of children.

Canadians Apologize To World For Pushing Legalization of Homosexual "Marriage"
Warn "the people of the world... to learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them in your own countries"

OTTAWA, April 11, 2007 ( - Canadians who recognize the destruction to the traditional family which Canada has abetted throughout the world have issued an apology on behalf of all Canadians to world leaders and peoples. The apology to be delivered to world leaders and to be brought to the World Congress of the Family taking place in Warsaw, Poland, apologizes for the negative effects that Canada's same-sex "marriage" legalization has been having on other nations.

"We are," says the statement going out as a letter of apology, "grieved and troubled" by the damage done by Canada.

One of the groups involved in the measure, REAL Women of Canada explains: "It is necessary to apologize to the people of the world for the difficulties caused in other countries by the legislation in Canada which permits same-sex marriages." Canada Family Action Coalition's (CFAC) Executive Director Brian Rushfeldt added, "In today's global village it has become apparent that certain people will use or misuse one country's legislation for their own purpose in another country ... This is not acceptable."

REAL Women finds it "unfortunate that some foreign same-sex partners have come to Canada to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies and subsequently applied to the courts in their own country to recognize this so-called Canadian marriage." The national women's organization notes that "Canadian marriage law does not demand residency requirements and this is being used by activists to attempt to change the marriage laws in their own country."

"It is essential that the people of the world understand," says the letter, "Our government and courts only considered adult 'rights', failing to consider the "impact on children's rights, children's education, parental rights, religious rights, adoption, the economy and family law."

The letter concludes: "Our warning to you, the people of the world, is to learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them in your own countries."

Apology Statement For Canada’s Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

To the world’s leaders and people,

We, the people of Canada who support marriage solely as the union of a man and a woman, apologize to the people of the world for harm done through Canada’s legalization of homosexual marriage.

We are grieved and troubled as we consider the impact this is having in weakening the fundamental institution of marriage in countries and cultures around the world. We understand that because Canada does not impose citizenship or residency requirements in order for same-sex individuals to be “married” here, couples are coming to Canada to seek legal sanction for their homosexual relationships with the intent of returning to their own countries to challenge those countries’ legal definition of marriage.

We understand that Canada is seen by people around the world as a country in which public policy is developed carefully and judiciously. It would, therefore, be a natural assumption that in legalizing homosexual marriage our government and courts thoroughly considered the implications of this action through proper and extensive study of social sciences and facts. But it is essential that the people of the world understand that this was not the case.

Our government and courts only considered adult “rights.” Among other things, the impact on children’s rights, children’s education, parental rights, religious rights, adoption, the economy and family law were never fully considered. Changes were implemented quickly and without a genuinely free vote in our federal parliament.Our warning to you, the people of the world, is to learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them in your own countries.

Forewarned should be forearmed.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Let the People Vote

OutFront's plan to legalize same-sex marriage took a hit today from Sen. Warren Limmer and Rep. Dan Severson. Limmer and Severson announced the recent introduction of six Marriage Amendment bills to the legislature and exposed OutFront's agenda to achieve same-sex marriage via domestic partnerships and other legislation.
"After hearing Democrat caucus leaders suggest that this year's session was one that should be focused on budgets and more basic legalisation," said Severson, "we were surprised by the progress of bills that promoted divisive issues such as legally recognized same-sex domestic partnerships, and comprehensive sex education for elementary children. We must push the Marriage Amendment at this time."

"There is no question, the people want the opportunity to define marriage. In light of other liberal bills recognizing same-sex domestic relationships in the same way marriage is recognized, the time for a Marriage Amendment is now," said Sen. Limmer.

"Marriage is a bread and butter issue," said Rep. Tom Emmer. Emmer felt the votes existed to pass an amendment in the House, however, the bill has yet to be given a hearing.

The press conference was supported by nearly 50 CEO's from Christian Network Team. Also attending the press conference were Sen. Ingebrigtson, Sen. Gen Olson, Rep. Mike Beard, Rep. Bruce Anderson, Rep. Sondra Erickson.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More "Henny Penny" pot logic from Sen. Steve Murphy

Click Here to see Senator Steve Murphy scold law enforcement with "Henny Penny" logic to legalize smoked "medical" marijuana.

“If everybody here is so concerned about people abusin’ things, and law enforcement really wants to go after people, then you should bring back prohibition and just get rid of the alcohol," said Murphy.

"But you know what, we’re not going to do that because there are more people using alcohol, lots more, than are using marijuana, and seriously...medical marijuana.

Now, you know, it’s just Henny Penny thinkin’ that this will change the state of affairs in Minnesota. It’s just Henny Penny," he said.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We should legalize smoked "medical" pot because alcohol is legal?

By a close 5 to 4 vote, the smoked "medical" marijuana bill passed the senate judiciary committee early this evening. DFL Senator Olson, (SD 4) joined Republicans Limmer, Neuville and Ortman in opposition.

In a repeat performance, bill author Senator Steve Murphy used "alcohol is legal" logic to justify smoked "medical" marijuana. Most people are familiar with the myriad of problems associated with alcohol. Yet few, if any, can explain how the legalization of smoked "medical" marijuana will provide any solution.

Not even Murphy.

But why does this sophomoric argument work? What is it about alcohol that justifies the legalization of smoked "medical" marijuana? Is it that both are serious health risks or impair the users judgement? Maybe booze is a medicine?

No, "alcohol is legal" resonates because everyone knows the real intent is to get a good buzz. And what right does a drinker have to deny a head his weed?

Monday, April 9, 2007

David Blankenhorn at Weekly Standard - Defining marriage down... is no way to save it.

Defining marriage no way to save it.
by David Blankenhorn
The Weekly Standard

"Does permitting same-sex marriage weaken marriage as a social institution? Or does extending to gay and lesbian couples the right to marry have little or no effect on marriage overall? Scholars and commentators have expended much effort trying in vain to wring proof of causation from the data--all the while ignoring the meaning of some simple correlations that the numbers do indubitably show."

Read full article here.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Trading sex for pot since 9 years old

Minneapolis / 6-year relationship leads to sex charges
Pioneer Press
Article Last Updated: 03/22/2007 09:56:12 PM CDT

A 47-year-old man seen shopping for condoms at a Target store with a 15-year-old girl last July was arrested and charged Thursday with two counts of criminal sexual conduct after an alleged six-year sexual relationship with the girl, authorities said.

Hennepin County sheriff officials said Thomas Fred Huddleson, of Corcoran, was seen in July at a Target store in Rogers with the young girl. The two were buying condoms together, sheriff officials said, and a person standing nearby heard them talking.

The conversation was apparently shocking enough for the eavesdropper to contact police, but no charges were brought at the time.

Last month, the girl told a school liaison officer that she had been having sex with the man since she was 9 because "she wanted things Huddleson purchased for her," including alcohol and marijuana for her and her friends, according to sheriff officials. Huddleson was at Hennepin County jail Tuesday in lieu of a $75,000 bond. He is due in court today.
- Tad Vezner

Monday, April 2, 2007

Look who's saying we should teach the Bible in public schools!

By Tom Prichard

No it's not Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson, though I don't think they'd object. No, it's Time magazine. In an interesting cover story,9171,1601845,00.html, Time supports teaching the bible in the Public schools.

What are some of the reasons supporting it's teaching in the classroom? For one, Time says the Bible is the bedrock of Western Culture.

  • One can’t understand the origins of our culture, history, and institutions without understanding the Bible.
  • Second, understanding the Bible is important for people, religious and nonreligious, to understand the many debates in our nation over evolution and creationism.
  • Third, Time notes that the Bible is the most influential book ever written, all time best seller in history and the best seller every year. Maybe people should know something about it.
  • Fourth, biblical themes and images permeate western and American culture and literature. From Shakespeare to Hemingway, from the Puritans and the Mayflower Compact to Abraham Lincoln's Inaugural Address and Martin Luther King's speeches, it’s important to understand the political ideas of our nation.
How can this be; wasn't the Bible tossed out of the public schools with the ban on school prayer and the posting of the Ten Commandments? While the United States Supreme Court banned school sponsored prayer and devotional reading, it didn't ban the reading and study of the Bible as literature.

It's refreshing to see common sense return to topics like studying the Bible in the public schools, especially by the more liberal Time magazine.

Related Article: Click Here to read "
Allow schools to teach diversity of faiths" by Chuck Darrell

More marijuana related death and mayhem

Marijuana was found in the automobile of William Krawchuk, the driver who dragged Trooper Thelen 1,655 feet before being shot. Read the Star Tribune story here.

See previous post regarding recent marijuana linked murder in Anoka and Chaska.