Thursday, August 13, 2009

The knife cuts both ways

The same angst that swept President Obama into office is fueling the nationwide grassroots firestorm that is seriously harming his government take over of health care.

It's the recession stupid.

Look for more spin that the recession is over and the economy is recovering.

(Ironically, it was the great communicator himself that enabled the smoldering fire to rage out of control during the August recess by his police acted "stupidly" gaff.)


Claude said...

Speaking of Health care.... The APA has come out with reports and statement that not only does gay-to-straight therapy doesn’t work
But that its detrimental to the mental well being to try to "convert"

Therefore we have proof of the lies and myths of NARTH and focus on the family.

John Helmberger said...

Claude, There you go again, turning everything back to homosexuality. You seem fixated on that subject.

Elaine said...

what about his question? the stance on this? since you have been proven wrong again?

only insults can be given by the mfc? no truth facts figures?