Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Proposed online homosexual high school uses students as "guinea pigs".

There was a story in the Pioneer Press today about the first proposed online homosexual high school, called "GLBTQ Online High School." It will be based in Maplewood, cost $5,900 a year. So far 24 kids have applied and 100 people have applied for staff positions.

What's one to make of it? First, it strikes me as a bit unusual, even bizarre that the school is organized around a person's sexual preferences, e.g. who one desires to have sex with. What would one think of a school which advertised itself as a "Heterosexual school catering to students who were sexually attracted to persons of the opposite sex." Yet that's exactly what the proposed school is doing in terms of homosexuality.

Second, parents should be very leery of the school. It smacks of indoctrination rather than education. The curriculum of the school is supposed to differ from traditional school by being more "'GLBTQ-friendly.' That involves abolishing negative messages and highlighting gay, bisexual and transgender people in history." There's clearly a social agenda in place, promoting acceptance of homosexuality rather than educating which would supposedly include various perspectives on homosexuality.

One alleged "advantage" of the school is "It also removes gay students from potentially hostile school environments and places them in what he touts as a 'safe and welcoming educational community.' Instead of facing bullies every day, students would be learning with other students who understand their concerns."
The question is why does it have to be an overtly homosexual environment? Can't avoidance of a "hostile school environment" be achieved through a non-homosexual online program. Again, more evidence that the goal is indoctrination and a social agenda rather than education.

Finally, the school will aggressively promote acceptance of unhealthy sexual behaviors and lifestyle among impressible and often confused adolescents . Homosexual behavior is demonstrably unhealthy yet in the school it will be actively affirmed throughout the curriculum. On top of the curriculum, the program does so by isolating kids so they won't be exposed anything but pro-homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgender messages. This will certainly be detrimental to the kids involved with the school.

The organizer says no other school has done this. He says, "people ask us, what's the research behind this? We are the research." Sounds like an admission that the students are being used as guinea pigs.

The bottom line is more kids will be put at risk, emotionally and physically because of the school and it's aggressive promotion of homosexuality.


Troy said...

I was happy to read about this. It is still common practice for gay youth to be tormented, for teachers to look the other way, and for churches to deny church entrance to gays. I have been there and know this. (pick any Twin Cities Assembly of God Church to confirm this).

When a youth's safety is the issue, and when administrators look the other way, there are few options left. Surely, the church cannot support violence against anyone.

Elaine said...

Acceptance and Promotion are two different things. The schools have accommendated for many different behaviors through out history, there are special charter schools for behaviors in religions, and this is a great opportunity to be able to provide a option for those who are in need of seperation from the radical extremists that have ridiculed and bullied them.

You might have the opinion that its an unsafe practice in their lives. You might also have the backing of your particular religion to not support their lifestyles. But it is not your life.

I am in support of this school. I am proud of the teachers that have signed up.

I do not however support your lifestyle and I do not approve of any of your practices, I find them morally decaying to all civilizations and sinful. I will again pray for your soul. Although I feel this way, you have the right to your sinful lifestyle and I will wish you peace in it.

Claude said...

Because of extremists groups that have bullied people that do not fit into their religious behaviors or choice of life style, the seperation is needed. If all religion were to do what they are meant to do, and act as faith and moral ground to their own behaviors and not force their moral choices onto others there would not be a need for such schools.

Blog mole said...

Don't you people have anything more constructive to do? You're not going to persuade anyone with your lame arguments. At least not anyone who is an intelligent thinker.

Claude said...

Liberal dumb or elite? get your insults straight.

Claude said...
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Claude said...
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Claude said...

With the newest data and APA saying how detrimental it is with the radical religious right trying to "convert" Gays, This might be the only recourse from the extremists. To give gay and lesbian teens a place to learn without ridicule.