Friday, October 1, 2010

Evidence of gay activists motivation in Anoka-Hennepin School controversy. Looks like they want homosexuality promoted in district.

A call from the Star Tribune reporter on the Anoka-Hennepin sexual orientation policy controversy got me digger a bit deeper. I found an interesting February 2009, Star Tribune article on the change in its sexual orientation policy, to its current form. The new policy includes neutral language regarding discussion of sexual orientation by school personnel.

Back then gay activists praised the policy change.

From the February 2009 Star Tribune story.
OutFront Minnesota and the Midwest Office of Family Equality Council, two of the state's leading gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) advocacy groups, praised the vote.

Phil Duran, a staff attorney for OutFront, said since the policy was enacted 14 years ago his office has received several inquiries from students and parents who said it led to censorship in journalism assignments and GLBT awareness training for teachers.

"It was a very odd situation," Duran said. "We're grateful the board put some thoughtful effort into moving forward and balancing the district's obligation to serve all students and recognize there was some sensitivity about this issue."

The old board policy "made teachers nervous," said Mary Pedersen, a Champlin Park High School teacher who advises the school's gay-straight alliance. "They didn't want to overstep the boundary of that board directive."

What's changed? I think it's quite clear they want homosexual advocacy in the district.


mom said...

When there is a bully in town, people need to take care of it. I love how your christian ways do not support love and equality.

You are the sin your religion despises.

Anonymous said...

Also, you have terrible grammar. All over the place. Granted, bad grammar does not equal faulty positions, but seriously, if I'm making bombastic statements, I at least want to do it right. "Gay Activists" in your headline should read "Gay Activists.'" Further mechanical errors: hateful content.

wayupwaydown said...

It is strange that Tom lives life doing nothing but thinking about gay sex. It would be much more honest if he would just act on his fantasies instead of repressing them.

Craigg said...

The only indoctrination going on is that of the Religious Extremist Agenda that needs to bully the public with Fear and Hate.

elaine said...

They say indoctrination? The ones who are trying to indoctrinate the nation with their singular religious views?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion