Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kesslers' Reality Check Misleading

YouTube - Kesslers' Reality Check Misleading.

I like Pat Kessler, but that’s “beside the point” as his Reality Check on our recent marriage ad is misleading.

Reality Check says, "The ad accurately describes which candidates for governor support gay marriage. But it's beside the point. The governor has no role. When a constitutional amendment is approved by the legislature, it bypasses the governor and goes directly to voters."

Well, that's true, but misleading. (And it sounds a lot like a recent talking point used by same-sex marriage supporters.) In fact, the governor play a huge "role" as he/she has the power to veto any bill that would legalize same-sex marriage - and there are five bills to legalize same-sex marriage waiting to be passed in the 2011 session.

DFL Sen. John Marty is publicly boasting that same-sex marriage could be legalized next year. Marty says this because the DFL already controls both houses and all they need is a governor that supports same-sex marriage – like Dayton or Horner – to get it passed.

The reality is, don't be fooled. The next governor will play a huge role in the marriage debate and only Tom Emmer will protect marriage and your right to vote.

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