Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DFL insults Catholics and Protestants with offensive mailing

DFL insults Catholics and Protestants with mailing.

"Despicable," said Dick Houck, president of Catholic Defense League at a press conference earlier today.

Houck was referring to a post card mailed by the DFL into Senate Dist 40 that depicted a "Catholic priest in a Roman collar wearing a large button the read 'Ignore the Poor.'"

"The DFL is hopelessly out of touch with people of faith," said Chuck Darrell of the Minnesota Family Council. "With one postcard the DFL insulted both Protestants and Catholics. The copy slanders Pastor Dan Hall while using the image of a Catholic Priest with a button that says 'Ignore the Poor'. Dan Hall says he has never worn a collar."

"I can't help but feel this was the DFL's way of trying to sling mud at the Church in response to the marriage DVD," said Houck.

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Ray from MN said...

Thank you, Chuck.

And to amplify for your readers, the point is not so much the use of the "photoshopped" photo of a "priest", it is that the message is that of a "priest wearing an Ignore the Poor button."

That "Ignore the Poor" message recalls the recent news stores about objections to the Marriage DVD that was sent to all of the Catholics in Minnesota. While paid for by an anonymous donor, the DVD was endorsed by all of the 6 Catholic bishops of Minnesota.

Most of the objections in the comments sections of newspapers included the gripe that the money should have been used to help the poor.

The DFL's leadership, unanimously in favor of Homosexual Marriage, abhors the Catholic Church's objections to any law endorsing that and they have used their opposition to Dan Hall in Senate District 40 as an opportunity to also slander the Catholic Church.

They need every vote they can get to control the Legislature so that they can pass legislation on Homosexual Marriage and abortion, too.

Ray from MN said...

For information on the Catholic Church and the poor, read this: