Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rush hits the nail on the head over the "separation of church and state" debate

The debate over whether the US Constitution contains the "separation of church and state" concept was clarified by none other than Rush Limbaugh during a recent radio monologue. What the left and liberals understand by the term is much different from what conservatives and the founding father mean by the the phrase.

Basically the term, like many, has been co-opted by the left to mean the public square should be a religion free zone. That of course would have been anathema to the founders. They understood it mean the separation of religious and governmental institutions not exclusion of faith grounded beliefs and values from the public square. (Frankly, what public views aren't ultimately grounded in faith, faith in God, faith in evolution, faith in materialism, etc. But that's worthy of discussion another time.)


Craigg said...

its the indoctrination and opposing of ones views, into law, to have others follow it, under the law of your God, that is the part of separation of church and state you don't get.

Its your forced onto the public, where you have others do as you do that is what I am protected from.

Keep your extremist and oppressive and indoctrination of your Religion out of my home, life, school and laws!

by all means stand up and call out your bigotry and tell the world of what you think and how you think it. I could care less. The KKK do the same thing, so be it that you do too.

Minnesota Family Council said...


Craigg said...

you think that indoctrination and you oppressing your ideas, and lifestyle and trying to indoctrinate your views onto me is weak? but its my constitutional right to NOT have you do so?

I do NOT think that your personal singular extremist religious conservative views should be imposed on anyone. It is your CHOICE to live and think the way you do. NOT MINE. as an American I am protected from being forced into your religion.

jim said...

It is only week to answer but my religion says so.

For that is not what is the right of the public.

Express what you may in the square, but you will never win a debate, when it comes to only backing it with your faith. For that is what we are protected from.