Wednesday, October 6, 2010

MFC urges Christian parents to encourage their children to emulate Christ in John 8:3-11 and stand up to the bullies in school


Herb said...

You have the blood of these victims on your hands.

YOu are the face of the bully and the teacher of how to bully.

You are the reason we need laws to protect our children.

You are the one that indoctrinates, it is the definition of your religion, to force your religious views onto the public which is what indoctrination is, and it is oppression.

You are the ones that are the sinners here.

You have the shame on your face.

Chuck Darrell said...

Dear Herb. MFC is calling on all Christian parents to instruct their children to stand up to the bullying of GLBT children by emulating Christ in John 8:3-11.

Herb said...

While you condemn Gays at home? and at the pulpit?

While you stand up and say in the same breath that bulling isn't the problem but their unhealthy lifestyle is? While you are part of the problem?

These bullies are in the majority CHRISTIANS. They have learned from YOU to bully. They have been told by their parents that the person is sinful, they have your extremist, and indoctrinating views that have made the situation.

You can not condemn and then stand up.

You are the problem, and YOU have the blood of these dead children on your hands!

Chuck Darrell said...

Herb, it has been established that bullying of GLBT students can cause or contribute to teen suicide. MFC condemns bullying of GLBT students. To help combat this we are calling on our supporters to instruct their children to follow John 8:3-11 and stand up to the bullies.

mom said...

you need to get to the reason these kids bully, its because YOU teach them to.

You can not say hateful terrible things about people and then say but hey lets give them a hug.

It doesn't work.

You need to abolish your sinful acts of condemning and judging.

You need to get to the real heart of the Christian religion and that is LOVE.

Go feed the poor with all the money you have used to attack this group.

Use your money to get education out to the poor, to feed them, house them.

Stand for something in life instead of against!

My Christian religion does. My Christian religion allow for all people to come together in the name of Jesus Christ, not in the name of a book written men and a book that is misused and misquoted and misunderstood.

There are millions of Christians that understand the true religion of Jesus Christ.

Its a shame that you do not.

elaine said...

the mfc talking to the bullies as to not to bully is the same as the kkk is to talk to the racist as not to be bigots!

Chuck Darrell said...

Mom, please share with your friends and neighbors that MFC is calling upon their supporters to instruct their children to stand up to those who bully GLBT students in their schools. This is the right thing to do as shared in the Gospel of John 8:3-11.

The loss of a child to suicide is excruciatingly painful. When bullying plays a role it must seem unbearable. Our hearts and prayers go out to the bereaved parents, friends and loved ones of Justin Aaberg and all families that have suffered the same tragic loss.

elaine said...

Nice way to pack peddle, no matter how many times you repeat yourself, it won't erase the recent damage of what Tom Prichard said, and it wont erase the hate preaching that goes on in your extremist cultures.

When you condemn a group of people and indoctrinate your children into that way of thinking you create bullies.

You need to take responsibility for the damage you have done on society.

For your unhealthy lifestyle choice has caused and created bullies that has caused deaths.

Chuck Darrell said...

Elaine, do you mean back-peddle? You may recall that I called for Christians to emulate Christs example with the woman about to be stoned over a year. You had plenty to say then too. We're you the one that made the veiled death threat about God sending a lightning bolt my way, or was that Mom?

elaine said...

Ok, veiled death threat, I or anyone? have the power to make God throw down lightening bolts? Wow, that's amazing.

Wow your extremist ways are very cult like and magical aren't they.

I stand firm on the thought, that its the extremist groups that preach condemning of groups from the pulpit that creates and indoctrinates children, into bullies.

You do not take responsibility for that, and never will.

Its the reasoning behind the Bullies, why they bully that needs to be addressed, to stop actions of bulling.

Herb said...

How does one make a threat, by offering up the idea that God should strike someone down? A threat is I am going to strike you down. But that is besides the point, silly extremists and their extremist thoughts.

Back to the topic at hand. Gay, Children, and bulllies.

The stat's show that bullies are by far raised in "christian" homes, are white, and are males. They learn how to bully by either being bullied at home or by indoctrination of a bully like lifestyle, that they learn by the preaching of condemned groups at their churches and in their home.

You do indeed need to address the reasons to why one bullies, not just say hey don't do that. That will not change the unhealthy lifestyle choices of hurting someone.

Justin said...

You can state that you want to stand up to all bullies. But that doesn't take back the Damage and the bully like comments that the President of the MFC made.

I am a christian, and I go to a church that accepts all people, just as Jesus would.

The sin is in your extreme and sick view of the religion.

your lifestyle choice of walking in such sin is the unhealthy choice.

Chuck Darrell said...

The John 8:3-11 call to action affirms that everyone should stand up to the bullies, even when we have disagreements like in verse 11. Christ also clarifies what it truly means to be judgmental.

Sorry folks, my post is a message straight from the heart that I've shared publicly and in small groups for several years and I have no plans to stop.

Susan said...

Its time to address the reasons people bully, where they learn to bully, and why they bully.

The life choice being a bully, and teaching Hate from the pulpits contribute to the death of these poor children.

It is time for equality for all people. It is time to stop hiding behind the veil of Religious Choice to hate. For it was the same mantra that was used for Slavery, and for Womens Vote, and for all Race equality changes.

It is time, that Religion is taken off the table from the political arena.

It is time for The religious extremist Agenda to be exposed and the Religious Indoctrination on the Public and in the Public Schools stopped.

For Children have died because of that Religious Political Agenda.

Gerry said...

Yes stand up to bullies, But also take a look at WHY they bully.

Take responsibility for the Hate Teachings that progressed the lifestyle of bullies.

To slap the hand of a child and say NO is not enough, it teaches violence. To sit down and say you have bullied someone, this is what you did, this is what happened when you did that.

It is time for the Nation to stop the extremists and the creation of the Bullies.

Cindy said...

One side of your mouth your saying stand up to the bullies, but on your other side, you teach kids to hate.

its that hate that you teach the kids that turns them into bullies.

Its in the homes. Its in the white christian, "traditional" homes that these kids are learning how to bully.

its at the services when their preachers are pounding on the pulpits and demanding an up rise against all the gays, where they learn to bully.

Its when you teach the children that one type of person is better than the other.

When you force your religious views onto the public it forms the bullies. And when you force your religious view YOU ARE A BULLY.

LarryT said...

You personally have tried to stop actions and programs that will do just what you are calling to do, to stand up to the bullies.

For your Political Religious Agenda Comes before the death of children.

Terry said...

Stop the bullies by stepping up and taking responsibility that your religious Agenda has produced.

You have made the bullies. I agree with the statement, your pushing your personal, extremist views on the public makes you a bully.

Craigg said...

I Urge you to take a look at protection and separation of Church and State.

Stay out of the schools, and keep your religious bully views away from my children.

Craigg said...

We need to stop the indoctrination of the Religious Political Agenda and the Religious Bulling that is done with hate and fear.

elaine said...

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion

Laws should protect all humans. and respect the differences within it.

Even if your religion fully is against it in all ways. For it is your choice to have that religion. if you need to live in a state that only reflects your opinions than move to a country that is sanctioned by a singular religion.

It was the religious right that caused and formed the bully. It is the religious extremists that put the rock into the bully's hand and showed him how to throw that stone. It gave the bully the motive, the opportunity but then tells them to stop?

The religious extremists have the blood of these children on their hands.

How will they atone for their sins?