Friday, October 22, 2010

Oberstar in race for Congressional Seat. More he says more out of touch he appears.

The political climate has made things even tough for Jim Oberstar in the supposedly safe 8th Congressional seat. By the looks of his recent debate, which he didn't want to do, it only further those frustrated with upset with the current state of affairs. He comes off as condescending and arrogant. He lectures and name calls those who disagree with him.

Here's a video clip of his support for cap and trade which would significant hurt the economy through tax increases and regulations.

In the Duluth News Tribune story on a debate between Oberstar and his opponent Chip Cravaack, a raucous crowd was probably made even more raucous by Oberstar's comments. He aggressively defended the stimulus bill, health care bill and cap and trade. And then charged those who disagreed with him of being members of the "Flat Earth Society.

Not a way to make friends and influence people.

When asked what their first priority would be if elected to Congress, Republican Cravaack said he would "get rid of Obamacare" to shouts of glee and applause from his supporters.

"I want to make sure that never happens," DFLer Oberstar snapped back, adding that he would work to protect health-care reform. He said his top priority would be to pass a federal transportation funding bill to put construction workers back to work rebuilding the nation’s highways, rails and airports.

The differences on health care reform were stark.

"It’s going to be a job killer," Cravaack said. "It’s going to put a bureaucrat between us and our doctor."

But Oberstar said the health-reform package "that I proudly voted for" will guarantee coverage despite pre-existing conditions, guarantee coverage won’t be cut off, end caps on benefits and, eventually, reduce the cost of health insurance while covering more people....

The candidates also were at opposite ends on whether the federal economic stimulus efforts have paid off.

Cravaack said no, that the increased federal spending has put the nation farther into debt with little to show. Democrats vowed the stimulus would keep unemployment at 8 percent or lower, Cravaack noted, but it now stands at 10 percent "and it’s 13 percent in Brainerd (Minn.)."

The stimulus has increased the federal debt that future generations "will be paying for for the rest of their lives.

"Did the stimulus bill work? No," Cravaack said. "The United States government does not create jobs."

Cravaack said the government would create more jobs by cutting business taxes.

"Get rid of the regulations and restrictions," Cravaack said, adding that "I trust you with your money. He (Oberstar) trusts government with your money."....

Oberstar also noted that much of the stimulus spending actually went to cut tax bills on paychecks.

"The stimulus bill included a tax break for everyone in America... that put money back in the pockets of people to spend," Oberstar said. "And it put people back to work."

On cap-and-trade legislation aimed at reducing carbon emissions, which Oberstar voted for before the bill failed to advance, Cravaack said the nation can’t afford higher energy costs. He claimed increased costs for electricity from the carbon-cutting effort could kill Minnesota’s taconite industry...

"It’s changing our way of life. We have to deal with this issue" of climate change, Oberstar said to boos and cat calls from Cravaack supporters. Oberstar said the claims carbon-cutting legislation will put "our industry out of work is fundamentally wrong."

When the heckling on climate change grew louder, Oberstar accused the Cravaack supporters of being in the "Flat Earth Society." When he tried to rattle off statistics on warming trends, he was shouted down again with calls of "liar."

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