Monday, October 18, 2010

Pastor Bob Battle links Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and one man, one woman marriage.

There has been a lot of rhetoric surrounding the use of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in a recent television ad about the right to vote on marriage in Minnesota by NOM and MFC.

Here is a clip of Pastor Bob Battle of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) speaking at a NOM rally for traditional marriage in St. Paul last July. Pastor Battle links Dr. Kings legacy to one man, one woman marriage.


Craigg said...

You can grasp at any straws, but the image of the MLK in the adds is purely a joke.

The family has come out against the use of it.

I wonder when the extremists will ever follow their own rules and regulations of their religion? For surely you see how you are the sinner in all you do?
the slavery, and injustice and harmful acts against humanity will certainly have you up against your maker within your own holy writings. I surely hope you do have the God you follow, and I do hope that I can one day witness the judgement of your souls

Minnesota Family Council said...

Craigg, your "KKK" "slavery" rhetoric is weak. African Americans voted to Pass Prop 8 by over 70%. Christians played a big role in abolishing slavery in the US and the slave trade in England.

Craigg said...

The studies and debunking of how black voters were lied to by groups like nom and the extremist right has shown through the courts and that is why the judicial system that has proven its right course of reversing that course and is doing so as we speak.

For you see it was the courts that decided to end slavery, not a popular vote, for cases of injustice, the lies and disgraceful tactics of the extremist cultist like religious groups have manipulated the public on many many serious cases of social and civil injustice such as prop 8.

and it still doesn't answer the question to why nom continues to use the likeness of mlk eventhough his family has spoken out against it and has said that MLK who chief adviser was gay! would have stood up for this injustice in civil and legal rights for gays in our population.

Slavery was ended because of the courts, the religious right groups very much like your own were the groups that backed slaver!

jim said...

Mrs. King said “her husband believed that all struggles for equal rights were bound together and that it was necessary to fight against bigotry in all forms, not merely the form that affected you personally”:

“We are all tied together in a single garment of destiny…I can never be what I ought to be until you are allowed to be what you ought to be,” she said, quoting her husband. “I’ve always felt that homophobic attitudes and policies were unjust and unworthy of a free society and must be opposed by all Americans who believe in democracy.”

I take the words of the woman who knew him best, than those who will gain financially, and in power and greed off of social and civil injustice.

Minnesota Family Council said...

We find it troubling that Jim and Craigg refuse to comment on Pastor Bob Battles remarks.

elaine said...

I find it troubling that you don't get that they take the opinions and the actual example of the mans life over a singular man.

The family has come out AGAINST this add. The wife, of the man, the one that knew him best said this was NOT what he would have wanted.

I find it troubling that you can not face that one of his most trusted adviser was an out gay man.

i find it troubling that you can use the image of a great man who fought against the injustice of all things against civil and social injustice especially of the race injustices, when its the religious right extremist groups such as yours, that stood up against him!

For I find it troubling how you can say you follow your bible to the word, and that bible condones slavery!

You are in my opinion the slave masters of today.