Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TV ad reveals that Emmer is the only gubernatorial candidate who supports marriage and the peoples right to vote.

TV ad campaign points out that Dayton and Horner oppose allowing the people to vote on a marriage amendment

MINNEAPOLIS – Tom Prichard, President of the Minnesota Family Council, today drew attention to a statewide TV ad campaign it’s sponsoring with the National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

“It is important that the citizens of Minnesota know that both Mark Dayton and Tom Horner support imposing gay ‘marriage’ on Minnesotans without a vote of the people. Only Tom Emmer has publicly supported traditional marriage and the right of the people to vote on this important issue. That’s what this ad communicates,” said Tom Prichard, President of the Minnesota Family Council.

“The recently released marriage poll shows a substantial majority of Minnesotans believe the people not the courts or state legislature should decide the issue. It also revealed that a candidate’s support for traditional marriage and the people’s right to vote on the marriage issue is a game changer in close elections for candidates who support protecting marriage,” added Prichard.

A survey of 695 likely Minnesota voters recently released by NOM and the Minnesota Family Council showed the dramatic impact the issue of marriage could have this election cycle. At the end of August Tom Emmer trailed Mark Dayton by a margin of 42-33 percent (Horner had the support of 12% of voters), but when voters learn that Emmer supports traditional marriage and is the only candidate to also support the right of Minnesotans to vote on marriage, he led Dayton by a margin of 42-36 (Horner dropped to 9%). The survey was conducted by pollster Dr. Gary Lawrence of Lawrence Research, who has conducted more marriage surveys and focus groups that any other pollster in America.

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