Monday, September 27, 2010

Evangelical Pastors praise Catholic Bishops' initiative to protect marriage

Pastors call on other Protestant Pastors to stand with them and the Catholic Church to protect marriage.

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MINNEAPOLIS – Pastors from across the state of Minnesota praised recent efforts by the Minnesota Catholic Bishops, led by Archbishop John Nienstedt of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, to protect marriage. “We stand in support of the recent efforts to protect and strengthen marriage by the Catholic Archdiocese,” said Pastor Jim Anderson, The Harbor, in Hastings. “We agree that marriage is between one man and one woman and that the church and it’s leaders should lead the way in protecting and strengthening marriage. We call on other pastors and all Christians leaders to join us in protecting and strengthening marriage.”

“Marriage is under great attack. That attack continues in the State of Minnesota where impending bills before the Minnesota legislature and one lawsuit would legalize same-sex marriage. We are deeply concerned,” said Pastor Steve Goold of New Hope Church in Plymouth.

“As pastors of Minnesota churches and citizens of this great state, we find it necessary to voice this concern to you the citizens of Minnesota,” said Goold. “We cannot state strongly enough the importance and value of marriage for the social good and the potentially dangerous ramifications of a social experiment such as legalizing same-sex marriage.”

“We do not number ourselves among those desiring to deny anyone in society their basic civil rights,” said Pastor Jim Anderson, The Harbor, Hastings, MN. “The push by gay marriage advocates for participation in health care and end-of-life decisions and other financial and legal actions can be creatively and easily addressed and is simply not a factor here. We support and defend civil rights for same-sex persons. But sooner or later a human issue arises and a line gets crossed where an agenda begins to push on the rest of society in ways that are destructive of the common good. Redefining marriage and opening the door to other types of family arrangements is one of those lines. It introduces a serious tear in the universal fabric.”

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