Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hale teacher training may qualify for Welcoming Schools

Seems like Principal Brancale is getting ahead of himself. Although "Welcoming Schools" has yet to be approved by Curriculum and Instruction, Hale teachers are being trained to teach anti-bullying curriculum say sources inside Hale Elementary.

Last week, thirteen substitute teachers were paid to fill in for teachers attending a “bullying” training session. Sources say the training was not for "Welcoming Schools" but will “qualify them to teach Welcoming Schools” next Fall.

Brancale has said on several occasions that "Welcoming Schools" won't cost the taxpayer money. Did the substitutes work for free?

Jesse Teben from Out4Good facilitated the training.

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Anonymous said...

The school district keeps telling parents that this is a "free" curriculum. Paying for 13 substitutes to be at the school certainly does not seem free. How does MPS think that they can convince voters to approve the referendum when this kind of waste continues to happen. Just stick to the academics and let parents take care of the rest.