Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another letter censored by the "unbiased" Star Tribune

Another letter censored by the "unbiased" Star Tribune. This one from a concerned parent regarding Welcoming Schools.

In regards to Katherine Kersten/Welcoming Schools:

Should bullying be allowed at schools? Absolutely not. Should Mpls Public Schools be trying to do something about it? Of course, however the Welcoming Schools Curriculum is not the vehicle that should be used.

Contrary to the letter (Fostering Tolerance) in Wednesday’s editorials, the Welcoming Schools curriculum does not fairly represent a variety of families. African American families are only mentioned 4 times, Latino families once, Asian and Hispanic families are not mention at all. However, families with two dads are mentioned 12 times and families with 2 moms are mentioned 14.

Bullying such as pushing, shoving, punching is not mentioned at all. Bullying for being fat is mentioned 3 times, for physical appearance 3 times, for having a handicap or special needs, not at all. Families of faith are not mentioned either. Tell me then, how can this be a curriculum about bullying?

Katherine Kersten hit the nail on the head by exposing this curriculum for what it really it. A school district should not accept any kind of curriculum put out by a special interest, political action group. I can tell you this, if a conservative group such as Focus on the Family introduced a bullying curriculum to MPS, all of the parents that are so excited about the Welcoming Schools curriculum would be in an uproar. Thank you Katherine for telling is like it is.

Korey Stoelzing, Minneapolis
Hale parent


Dump Bachmann said...

Perhaps this letter was not published because it just rehashed - in many of the same words, Kersten's article. Ofcourse Kersten is known for this stuff herself - so it's not surprising that her readers would do the same thing when writing LTEs. LTEs need to be original.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lloydletta,
Why aren't you using your usual moniker? I know that you are dump bachmann. Too bad she didn't get dumped, but got bumped UP a notch! Why don't you come up with something original, other than the usual gay talking points.

Anonymous said...

Dump Bachmann is written by Ken Avidor.