Thursday, May 15, 2008

A pastor expresses concern over Welcoming Schools anti-Christian message

Superintendent Green,

I understand the curriculum "Welcoming Schools" is being put in place in Minneapolis elementary schools on a trial basis. I understand the purported goal of this curriculum is to stop bullying. However from the description I have of it, it sounds more like a curriculum to desensitize people (children!) to gay and lesbian issues.

I also understand it does this by specifically raising questions about and putting down the Bible and teachings of the Bible. That particular concern raises issues about separation of church and state, and sounds like it is getting into an area the state has no business meddling in.

This curriculum appears to have a hidden agenda that is far greater than its up front purpose of stopping bullying, which is a valid goal. I would ask you to cease any plans for using this curriculum, and consider more effective curriculum's focused on stopping bullying which might address the many more issues behind bullying than gay and lesbian issues.

Sincerely yours,
Rev XXX XXXX, pastor

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