Monday, May 19, 2008

Is Hale Principal Bob Brancale bullying teachers?

More reports from Hale teachers indicate a lack of support for "Welcoming Schools." A Hale teacher voluntarily approached an MFC employee at a large metro church this weekend and echoed comments made by other Hale teachers that many do not support the curriculum and are under a gag order from Principal Bob Brancale. Some have referred to Brancale as intimidating.

This is no surprise as sources indicate that Brancale may be under review for his aggressive behavior at an Information Meeting earlier this year. Brancale allegedly verbally bullied a Muslim mother after she expressed concern with the WS curriculum.

MFC has also been told by teachers to ask Brancale for solid, documented cases of GLBT bullying at Hale. Apparently, they believe the numbers are cooked.


Anonymous said...

amazing how when you disagree the other side must be cheating, or making stuff up or "cooking" the numbers.

face it, the other side has a valid reason for wanting to try this program. and its a good program.

go Brancale!

Anonymous said...

Not only is it a good program, but the majority of people support it! only the few five families that are the loud squeeky wheel do not.

Dr. Green supports this program. The parents supports this program, and the children will benefit from it.

Not only is This principal not a bully, but this is a lie to say that he verbally bullied anyone. I was at this meeting, he simply said after that muslim mother brought up why she was opposed to this program, which is her religion doesn't support or validates any homosexuls, he said, what am I suppose to do for you? I don't get what you want? this is a public school! and so it is. Religion should be thaught at home!