Thursday, October 18, 2012

If marriage is now only a loving relationship, what does that open the door to - polyamorous relationships?

One of the questions raised in the debate over the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment is what constitutes a marriage?  What defines the nature of a marriage.  Some say it's a loving, committed relationship.  Well, if that's the case why does it need to be limited to just a two people, whether same or opposite sex.

Logically, of course, it can't be limited.  Polygamous relationships come to mind, but many people aren't familiar with polyamorous relationships which are group relationships.

City Pages has an  article on polyamory relationships right here in the Twin Cities.  In fact, the article makes this very point.
Despite the potential issues and setbacks the triad has experienced over the years, Carrie believes that poly has come a long way in terms of being accepted across the Twin Cities.

"I remember once in the gay-marriage movement several years ago there was an opinion piece written in another local publication. The right-wing groups and talking heads were all saying things like, 'We can't support gay marriage because the next thing will be polyamorous marriages.' I thought that was interesting because I had never heard polyamory mentioned in the media before," she recalls. "So anyways, this publication wrote an op-ed piece where they said, 'You don't have to worry about polyamorous marriage because polyamory doesn't exist.' That really upset a lot of us because we felt like we were being marginalized."
There you have it.

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