Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Tiger Woods needs Christ" -- Brit Hume

The sparks flew when Brit Hume recently said that Tiger Woods needs the redemption and forgiveness that only Jesus Christ can give. Hume, who was formerly a commentator on FOX News and before that a reporter for ABC News, made those comments during a FOX round table discussion of Tiger's infidelity problems.

Here's a follow up to his comments on the O'Reilly Factor.

I absolutely agree with Brit. Tiger's problems are, as all of ours are, ultimately questions of the heart. And that's where ultimately only Christ offers help.

There are those who will angrily denounce these comments as narrow minded and bigoted but that's to be expected in our relativist cultural mindset, where the only one who is wrong is the one who says there is truth we can know. (Even though those who express such sentiments are implicitly saying their views are the truth. That's known as inconsistency at best and at worse hypocrisy.)

Hopefully, Tiger will realize that there are much more important things in life than golfing and material success. Paramount is the condition of one's soul where one will spend eternity.


Elaine said...

Yep thats right your God is better than Tigers, or anyone elses God, and that Only your way is the Truth and only your way is ok.

Anyone that feels the way Brit does is a Bigot.

Anona said...

the real hypocrisy and inconsistency is to say that you are open minded and of open heart as a Christian and to judge others.

Not to mention that there are billions of other people in the world who are NOT Christians and to say that they are not moral? or can not be forgiven? or that their religion is not as good?

Is bigotry, and is the core of war, and hate. Which should be abolished. Such as Slavery was in our country, to think the way Brit Hume did would be the same core and mind set of those who back up slavery, and war in my opinion.

So I will agree with Elaine, for those who agree with that line of thought are the types who cause war and are at the for front of suspicion and should be watched carefully by authorities for I am scared for my children to be around such narrow dangerous, unmoral mindedness again in my opinion.

And to use the Christian religion as your "Back" to this mindset, makes me run to my Christian church to pray for your souls. For all Christians do not think as the MFC does, and we are moral, and good people. I have my beliefs, and would never put into law those beliefs or push my beliefs onto others. I live as example not in judgment. My only judgment is to battle against those who repress the masses as the occult like groups that call themselves Christians. I will till I die, pray for the souls of those like at the MFC. For in my opinion its the core root of all that is wrong in our country. And was what almost took us to ruin in the world's view in my opinion. I am sure no one here will agree with any of my opinions. But they are what they are. That is my truth, and you do NOT have to follow it or approve and I am thankful for now that I am allowed to have that opinion, because I truley believe that if the likes of people of the MFC were in power I would not be allowed that opinion or my form of religion but I would forced into their occult like camps but again, that is just my opinion.