Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Health care bill and abortion, a major roadblock.

There's talk about possibly jamming through the US House the Senate health care bill. That way it doesn't need to be brought up in the Senate again. But with the strong repudiation of the push for the health care bill evidenced by the upset win of Republican Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race, I think it's unlikely.

Not only because Democrats are skittish on the bill in general but also because it contains funding for abortion and that will only increase opposition. Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak says 10 to 12 Democrats who voted for the House bill have said they will vote against a bill coming from the Senate if it pays for abortions. That's just what the Senate bill does.

Though some democrats deny the Senate bill does cover abortion, I think this is disingenuous at best. In fact very liberal Senator Barbara Boxer of California said the bill does cover abortion. She is reported by the McClatchy News Service as saying it's
only an ‘accounting procedure’ that will not restrict abortion coverage.

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Anona said...

You deleted your blog postings on your support for Robertson.

In my opinion this is a huge disingenuous action, one of cowardness at its best.

Then you try and cover up with an article with a "smart conservative" trying to realign yourself will not take away that you degraded, belittled and harshly condemned a full country and its society. Even when a local christian was killed in the accident.

you can try and hide behind veils of what you think is "right" But you stand for nothing only standing against things. Like here, you are against abortion, against gays, and against anything that does not fall within your small perception of what is right in the world.

there are billions of people that are different than you believe differently than you and have different perceptions of faith an religion. i suppose only the tens of people that follow you are correct?

You should be ashamed of yourselves for those blog postings and to try and delete them from all proof that can not stand up and say how terribly wrong, and how dangerous those statements are from Pat and how dangerous and how morally incorrect you were to stand up for them.

You should be repenting for such an evil evil evil act in my opinion.

As a christian i weep and shake that people might even begin to think that you are the voice of the Christian religion. For my in my Religion, and in my Beliefs, and my creed, you have sinned.

that is my opinion.