Thursday, January 28, 2010

The source of our STD, teen pregnancy problem for some is abstinence. Abstinence?!

It was reported that HIV cases are up sharply in Minnesota and teen pregnancies are rising nationally for the first time in 10 years. What will be the response of sex education elites? I'm sure there will be a call for more condoms and placing blame on the abstinence message.

These responses are merely a continuation of the failed sexuality messages coming out of the 60s sexual revolution. The ideology driving that revolution keeps chugging along as does the fallout, e.g. abortion, disease, out of wedlock births and in some instances death. That's because the ideology is based on the notion that sex is recreational sport. And the goal of public policy responses is merely to mitigate the negative consequences rather than truly eliminate them.

Abstinence until marriage, if universally practiced, would basically eliminate the disease, death and out of wedlock birth problems. Yet pro-condom advocates dismiss common sense in an effort to justify their ideological commitment to the sexual revolution.

Going the "more condoms" route merely encourages the underlying, unhealthy behaviors which are the source of the problem. (And this doesn't even address the emotional, "spiritual" damage resulting from premarital sex.)

What's lost in this debate is the true purpose of sex. The natural law and Christian understanding of sex is it's designed for procreation and bonding a man and a woman in a lifelong marital relationship. Certainly sex is pleasurable but that's not the ultimate goal of sex. It's a byproduct of it's proper use. In fact studies show people who are in marital relationship have the most enjoyable sex lives. Maybe that has something to do with love and commitment which goes beyond just the act of having sex. I think so.

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Anona said...

I also love how you throw out your morality based opinions when you are the group that so disgracefully put out blog postings that degrated the poor population of Haiti, in their time of great need. You are the group of people, that tried to quickly take off the blog postings without any word of remorse in the appalling act that it was.

The public at hand, your congregation, The great people of Haiti and the world should receive a public statement on what those blog posting.

I am ashamed as an American that there are people that said things like you did.

the world religion all over was appalled at what Pat Robertson said.

The great leaders of all nations were appalled, and Christians cringed in shame over it.

Not to mention dear local people of Minnesota died in Haiti. Christians at that.

its a good thing that local news and blogs have given voice to what you said about the Dear people of Haiti. So a quick take down of the posts was not going to cover your tracks in shame.

the funny thing to me? Haiti is a christian based population! which is 96% Catholic, but perhaps you don't think that the Catholics are Christian enough for you?

My opinion stands that you need to show remorse for those postings. I will pray for those actions. For in my opinion God is sad over them, and is very sad that you would use His name in such hate, and bigotry.

My opinion you can have yours, and the world has shown theirs on this matter.