Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ventura's back! At least it sounds like it.

In an NPR interview, Jesse Ventura sounds like he's in the US Senate race against Al Franken and Norm Coleman though he hasn't formally announced yet.

He's already coming out with vintage Jesse comments. He calls himself a statesman in an interview with The Midwest Wine Connection. "I'm not a politician, I'm a statesman. I do one term, and then I go back to the private sector. If I get back into the fray again this year, it's only because I've been gone five years back to the private sector. That's what I did when I was mayor. That's a statesman. That's not a career politician."

He criticises Coleman for not working in the private sector and calls Franken an opportunist and a carpetbagger.

And when saying who Minnesotans should vote for he says, "And all you Minnesotans take a good hard look at all three of us and you decide if you were in a dark alley which one of three of us would you want with you."

That last comment makes me wonder what qualities Jesse believes a US Senator should have -- wisdom and good judgment or the ability to win a street fight.

A poll already show Ventura with 23% of the vote in three way race. With Coleman polling 41% and Franken polling 31%. In a two way race between Coleman and Franken the numbers are 52% to 40% respectively.

I think Jesse hurts Franken more than Coleman. Coleman's a known commodity while Franken isn't. Some say Ventura would be a big threat to Coleman because he's polling at 23% support versus 7% before he started to run for governor in 1998. I think the analogy breaks down because Ventura is definitely a known quantity when in 1998 he wasn't. I think some people who supported him previously won't do it again after our experience with him as governor for four years. I do think Coleman has to take him seriously and can't underestimate him which he probably did when running for governor in 1998. Anything could happen in today's turbulent political environment.

It will certainly prove to be an interesting and and entertaining race with a former comedian and a former professional wrestling in the ring with our incumbent US Senator.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is proof of the slander and propaganda of the religious right.

You would encourage a Jessie contender to promote a defeat against a proper canadate.

This is proof, that you have a secret agenda, that you are trying to run a true one issue, one topic, special interest based agenda.

And you hide behind morals? you hide behind "family values"

As a mother, and a Citizen of the United States of America, I am ashamed to share the same land as people like you.

Anonymous said...

I have a new mission in life to make sure that everyone in this nation knows about the discrimination, and tatics this type of site promotes.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone support an organization such as MN family council when their own family members have gone out of their way to publically show how horrible they are!

Anonymous said...

I must be missing something here. The story states that Jesse is probably going to run for the senate (which many media outlets are saying), and it is proof conservatives want Jesse in the race so Coleman can win? And this is all being orchestrated by MFC?

Also, what is the proof behind the statement "their own family members have gone out of their way to publicly show how horrible they are"

Seems to me the people posting here have some sort of vendetta against the MFC. And before I get accused of "being one of them" me state flat out I AM NOT associated with MFC in any way shape or form!

People, I'm sure the comments section of this blog was intended for dialog regarding the blog post.

So in attempt to dialog about this posting, I find it interesting what an impact Jesse may have on the election. People are sick of the career politician, but do want someone with knowledge of the system to be elected.

To me, Jesse is the compromise between Norm the career politican (who got elected b/c he brought hockey back to MN) and Al "I have no experience in politics, but can woo and audience" Franken. Jesse has the political knowledge, but isn't the career politican who's merely a puppet for the party.

Anonymous said...

If the first three people who commented on this post are so tired of the MFC then why do you keep reading it? I am getting so tired of all of your negativity and I don't se any relation between your comments and the posting. And if you are ashamed of sharing the same land as those you may disagree with you, there is a very simple solution...MOVE to a different country! Quit your belling aching about people having a different opinion then you. There are many others who would love to have the opputunity to "share the land" and live in such a great country

Anonymous said...

In our great country that is ours, I have the right to disagree and TELL you that I disagree, and shout it from the street corner.

If you are here to only hear your own opinions, go to a dictatorship, where all are already brainwashed into only one choice.

Anonymous said...

And the sick interest that people like the MFC has in the idea that Coleman is running will make a bunch of conservatives jump ship and go work for Franken.

I know, my family is doing just so.

I used to call myself a Conservative, but I am ashamed of the religious right, self interest groups, secret agenda likes such as MFC buying out the white house and selling fear to Recruite and Indoctrinate the public into voting your way.

Anonymous said...

There is only one language the person who wants you to move to another country, I only know one word of that language...

BAAAAAAAAA BAAAAAAAAA To bad they don't know their leaders are taking them to slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how the minute you think you have the upper hand you all scram out, what can't you take a difference in opinion? But as soon as you can see that you are back up against wall and called out on your wrong doings, its no longer differences of opinions but get out of this country!

The saddest thing about that, its the very thing I work my hardest to make sure you have the right to do! you see, its my politics that allow you to have your differences than me.

For your politics would have you all and the rest of the coutnry sounding alike!

Anonymous said...

If you would read correctly you will see that I did not say to leave the country because of a difference of opinion, I said it because the writer of the comment is asahmed to "share the land". I don't care if your have a different opinion then me, that is what this country is all about. However, all of you are the ones to seem to have a problem with the MFC and a difference of opinion. I can hardly stand to read this site anymore.

Anonymous said...

differences of opinion is great.

forcing the law with religious beliefs such as the MFC is what the problem is.

The MFC is the route of all things people at this site protests! This site protests against the "recruiting" and the "normalizing" of the "gay agenda" of not allowing families to teach to their children the religious beliefs and moral grounding that they have.

But when you buy government, and force laws in the name of your religion you are doing all those things and more.

for its indoctrinating to the worst degree. Forcing lifestyles in the way YOU make a choice to live. And if you support the ways and doings of the people that run this site then you are guuilty of doing the same.

All I ask of you is to do the research behind the founders of this site, of the "un natural" acts they have made. And think for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to share the same land as a bigot. Our constituion was worked on and has been kept with hard work. And every single moment that people such as people at the MFC has their hands in the cookie jar, that constitution gets smudged.

Seperation of church and state!

Anonymous said...

"differences of opinion is great.

forcing the law with religious beliefs such as the MFC is what the problem is."
You are on MFC's Site!!!!! They are not on yours!!!!!!!!!!! You don't want equal gay rights, you want special ones, no matter who you hurt or who gets in your way. The only agenda I see here is the gay agenda. You bring up homosexuality into every single one of these blogs even when they have nothing to do with it. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

The posts of blogs is over whelming in opposing Homosexual rights!

So of course the posts here are going to be about them.

The only agenda the MFC is to be a homophobe. Only way to see it with the concerns they have!

Anonymous said...

The have the right to religious freedom and free speech. You want special rights and you want to infringe on the rights of conservatives in your plight to be above all others.

Anonymous said...

Do not group yourself in with the conservative.

you are the extreme religious right.

The conservatives such as myself do not ever want to be included with you.

You have infinged on the daily occurance of my life. With your need to control the law to mimic your special interest group and special agenda.

Straight stay at home mom, that can certainly see the need for equal rights amongst all, while living my own life in my own needs within without judgement.

Anonymous said...

You don't even know me or what I have put on this blog. All you can do is insult, belittle, and whine while being incredibly hostile and most ironically, close minded. You should listen to your own words and understand that everyone has their own point of view.

Anonymous said...

as long as groups like MFC continue to force their religion on Law, which then makes it an oppression, then its not a view but an oppression.

Anonymous said...

That is your opinion. Not fact. There are many that don't want the marriage law changed not just mfc. If you don't like it, be proactive not argumentary. Get over yourself already.

Anonymous said...

Facts show that MFC has been involved with lobby situations.

It is a political group not a religious group. It has the agenda.

that is Fact.