Friday, July 18, 2008

Anonymous hate

What's happened to all the name-calling, "anonymous" ideologues?


colin said...

What happened? Censorship.

One can not leave an anonymous message. And when you do leave your full name and therefore a way to track who I am (and let me tell you that scares me a little with all the hate you guys promote) you pull messages, I left a few and they were not posted.

I also do not hate any of you, I hate the lies that are spread, and I hate the moral bankruptcy of this particular group. You know, I kind of like I hate the sin not the sinner? sound familar?

Minnesota Family Council said...


The comments have dropped off (which was our intent) because we require they log in and, yes, we now moderate.

The log in process caused the comments to drop off by over 95%, not moderation however.

It seems people that spew hate don't want to be identified.

In the future, all ideological comments that ramble on and on about hate will be moderated. They add nothing to the dialog.

lloydletta said...

Thanks for letting us know you are moderating comments. I'll make sure to copy any comment I make, and point out the comments you censor.

It's interesting how you call anyone who disagrees with you a hater.

I have problems with the MFC - and groups like it, because you lie about gay people. I'd have more sympathy with the MFC if you'd have more on other issues - such as gambling. But the only issues you focus on are the homos.

It appears that Governor Pawlenty of Tax Increases does your bidding though.

mom said...

Not to mention that faith base politics is what the MNFamily counsil is all about, and that is anti constitutional. There needs to be a seperation of church and state.

the moral breakdown is when there is discrimination, and that is what hate is. and discrimination is the base of your politics and your religion.

For I know christ followers like myself that do not hate, that are not anti gay and do not want my politics to have faith involved, for to have it involved is to colonize the country, to force your personal values onto others.