Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Evangelicals for Romney?

I recently came across an interesting endorsement of Mitt Romney for president by Wayne Grudem. Grudem, a respected, conservative, evangelical professor of theology, has written many theological books, including a massive treatise called Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine. I've never seen him weigh in on past presidential candidates though that's not to say he hasn't.

With different evangelical leaders lining up behind other Republican candidates and giving various reasons for doing so, I think Grudem has written a thoughtful piece laying out his rationale for supporting a particular candidate, in this case Romney. He also tackles head on the Mormon issue, where there are extremely significant theological differences with evangelicals.

How it will all shake out is anybody's guess. If nothing else Grudem has supplied a well written defense of Romney and why he as an evangelical supports Romney for the presidency. I'm sure Romney will use Grudem's article in his efforts to persuade other evangelicals to support his candidacy.


Christopher said...

As a Republican activist in Romney's home state of Michigan, I will absolutely not support him in any way at all. It has nothing to do with his mormon faith but the fact that he is a person of extradionary shallowness. I am a gay rights supporter and his change from being more "gay rights" than Teddy Kennedy to saying that it is better to have "dead parents rather than gay ones" show that his homophobia is disgusting and untrue in equal measure.

DB said...

I wont vote for him because he is a Mormon. :-)