Friday, November 16, 2007

Bill Bennett and Chuck Colson discuss Giuliani, and Christians and Politics, among other things

This past week there was an interesting discussion between Bill Bennett, host of a conservative radio show, and Chuck Colson founder of Prison Fellowship, a ministry to prisoners, and former Nixon White House aide known for his no holds barred approach to politics. This approach landed him in prison and his subsequent conversion led to his starting Prison Fellowship and his work on Christian, cultural apologetics.

During their discussion, Colson discussed whether pro-life Christians could vote for Giuliani, some of the trends in our culture, and the relationship between the Christian and politics. I've always felt Colson has a very balanced perspective on Christian political involvement. He's avoided the two extremes: politics is everything or politics is irrelevant.

For those interested in developing a better understanding of the relationship of the Christian to politics, I highly recommend his book, "God and Government."

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