Friday, September 7, 2007

Who takes Nick Coleman seriously?

In a recent column by Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman "Potty Police must have better things to do at MSP", Coleman manages to be crude, confusing and contradictory all in the same column. He crudely makes fun of police efforts to keep one of the men's restrooms in the Minneapolis St.Paul Airport from being a rendezvous place for anonymous homosexual sex. He suggests the police have better things to do. Then in the next breath he says, "The cops should prevent bathrooms from becoming bathhouses." How can they accomplish this? Coleman's remedy: "Post warnings that cops are watching and won't allow hanky-panky." I thought he just said police had better things to do than spend their time monitoring restrooms.

Coleman has a way of making light of things which need to be taken seriously. The vast majority of people don't want airport restrooms, or for that matter any other public restrooms, to be haunts for anonymous sex. Who wants to walk into such places, much less have kids do so. A legitimate concern. For Coleman, he seems to care less; makes a joke of it. As a result, Coleman makes it easy for people not to take him seriously.

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