Thursday, September 27, 2007

By Hannah Huffman

As expected, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ignited a storm of controversy after his recent talk at Columbia University. “We don’t have homosexuals, like in your country,” was one of Ahmadinejad’s most contentious statements.

Iran does far worse than ignore gays, critics say

According to a Sept. 25 article on Fox, human rights groups have roughly calculated that over 400 gays have been killed by the Iranian government with others receiving jail sentences and severe beatings. Homosexuality is considered a crime in Iran, and clearly the severity of the consequences illustrate that Iran is intent on the destruction of homosexuals.

Such tragic news should remind Christians of the biblical response to homosexuality. Ahmadinejad’s beliefs regarding homosexuality are strikingly contrary to what the Bible and MFC advocate. We don’t want to tear down or denigrate the homosexual community. Instead, our driving passion is to share the truth of the scriptures regarding the sin of homosexuality with genuine love and respect for people in that lifestyle.

The truth revealed in the Bible tells us that homosexuality is a sin. It is contrary to the natural function of sex designed by God. It is harmful to individuals, families and society. The affects of homosexuality cannot be ignored.

But without the combination of unconditional love with uncompromising truth, our beliefs come across as no different from Amadinejad’s. Unconditional love is what will make a difference in the lives of homosexuals. Freedom from sin cannot be accomplished by using the truth about homosexuality as a club, or by glossing over the truth with a misguided notion of compassion or tolerance. Real love, displayed through truthful compassion and concern, will change the hearts and lives of those struggling with homosexuality.

Homosexuality should not be ignored as Ahmadinejad so blatantly and dishonestly does. It should be recognized as the destructive sin that it is. But for followers of Jesus Christ, the goal is to be communicators of God’s uncompromising truth and unconditional love, as instruments of forgiveness and change in the lives of homosexuals.


lloydletta said...

Actually, doesn't Leviticus clearly state that if a man lies with another man he should be put to death?

Also, I wonder what your thoughts are on Norm Coleman voting in favor of the hate crimes law?

Anonymous said...

Once Jesus arrived on the scene he had a different approach. That doesn't mean it isn't still sin. I know who you are and what your agenda is. You seek to rationalize your own behavior. That somehow if you can get people to "approve" of homosexuality it will make it right. Even if everyone on the planet says it's okay, it's not. My thoughts on Norm Coleman is that he is misguided and seeks higher office. Bush is going to veto that bill anyway.

Curt Prins said...


At least have the courage and conviction to stand by your thoughts, and not under the shroud of anonymity.

Ms. Huffman, could you please cite the particular scripture passages that clearly spell out homosexuality as a sin; especially those cited by Jesus?

Thanks a bunch!


Anti said...

Nope, sorry, you guys fail.

The Bible also says not to eat pork or shrimp, but--Oops! You do!

God does not exist.
Deal with it.