Friday, September 21, 2007

Just marriage by another name

“Domestic partnerships,” “civil union,” “legal recognition” are marriage by another name – and OutFront knows it.

Putting “hospital visitation,” “benefits” or even "fishing license" in front of same-sex marriage is clever but nothing more than manipulative.

It works like this:
“You believe in hospital visitation don’t you?”

Person answers yes. Who wants to be against hospital visitation?

“Then we need to legalize same-sex marriage (domestic partnerships for same-sex couples).”

Like all the major hospitals in the metro area, MFC supports hospital visitation for same-sex partners. However, we don’t support legalizing same-sex marriage for hospital visitation privileges.

OutFront claims they don’t support legalizing same-sex marriage, just redefining hospital visitation as marriage (domestic partnerships) for same-sex couples.

Decide for yourself.

From OutFront’s web

“Many organizations in Minnesota, including OutFront Minnesota, support the right of same-sex couples to enjoy some form of legal recognition. Marriage is one form that could take; others include relatively broad concepts live civil unions or domestic partnerships.”

Quote from Ann DeGroot
“As we move into the new legislative calendar, I wanted to write to you to let you know what we at OutFront Minnesota are doing to secure full legal rights for GLBT people including legal recognition of same sex relationships.”


lloydletta said...

I believe they say they understand that Minnesota isn't there yet on including gays in the institution of marriage.

Here's my question for you though - if you are so concerned about kids that don't have fathers or mothers - why not do something about divorce?

Would you support a version of this amendment that would say that marriage should be restricted to one man, one woman for life?

lloydletta said...

Seems like the crickets are chirping on this question.

Also, does your organization still support sodomy laws? That's how the organization got started - to make sure the Minnesota Sodomy law stayed on the books.

Anonymous said...

Hey lloydletta don't you have something better to do? You seem obsessed with the Minnesota Family Council. There are initiatives to preserve marriages. The problem is the gays are going to want to get in on that also. You can get the worlds approval and it will still be wrong for same sex couples to be together, let alone get married. Why don't you spend your efforts on figuring out why you don't like people of the opposite sex. It used to be gays just wanted to be left alone to do what they do in the privacy of their bedrooms. What happened to that?