Monday, July 15, 2013

Texas passes strong pro-life legislation.

While some states are drifting to the left on same sex "marriage", there's steady movement to the right on abortion.  This is evidenced by the Texas legislature which recently tightened its laws on abortion.
The thousands who came to support or protest the bill banning abortion after 20 weeks knew it would ultimately pass. But they came out anyway in hopes that their voices would influence a growing movement of pro-life legislation around the country.

Republicans passed the bill 19-11 just before midnight Friday, with all but one Democrat voting against it. The measure passed the House earlier this week and now heads to Gov. Rick Perry, who has pledged to sign it.

In addition to banning abortion after 20 weeks, the bill will require abortionists to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and require all abortions to take place in surgical centers. Only five out of Texas' 42 existing abortion clinics meet the surgical center requirements, and many clinic owners say they can't afford to upgrade or relocate, so they’ll have to close their doors. 
Today, more people consider themselves pro-life than pro-choice.  This has resulted from a 40-year effort caring for women with crisis pregnancies and ongoing public education efforts.

There are some analogies to the marriage issue.  First, efforts to strengthen and support marriages needs to be instituted on a broad national basis.  And second, there needs to be ongoing public education efforts.  When these start happening we'll see movement in the other direction.  Ultimately, the truth will prevail.  But it doesn't happen overnight.

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