Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why is Obama doing so well in the polls? Because of our education system?

Here's an interesting post by David Gelernter, conservative author and professor of computer science at Yale.

He is trying to understand why President Obama is doing so well in the polls, despite being a poor president and facing such a bad economy.

He says the seeds were, are being sown in our education system which is redefining what America is all about.  As a result Obama's collectivist, more leftist values are resonating with more people in the US.

He thinks Romney still wins but conservatives need to realize the battle that's going on for our culture.
There is a mystery about this election.  The slanted national press and Romney’s weaknesses are well understood, but a large gap separates these explanations from the fact that needs explaining: this election will be close.  How is that possible when Obama has shown himself to be the worst president in modern history?  And when Romney (on the other hand) is unexciting but safe, serious, solid—just the right sort of man to shelter all sorts of tempest-tost Americans in a storm?

...The press is slanted, but everyone knows that.  What really matters is that American culture is slanted.

...Romney will win this election.  But the wacko-left Culture Machine won’t fall silent; the schools and colleges won’t suddenly become patriotic, serious, politically neutral.  The entertainment industry won’t discover open-mindedness regarding Judeo-Christianity and the Bible.  Nor will mainstream churches and liberal synagogues suddenly catch on to the moral and spiritual greatness of America. Unless conservatives start taking education and culture seriously, an election day will arrive in which the outcome is never in doubt, because at least 51 percent of the electorate has been trained which way to vote.  At which point the GOP might as well close shop and take the rest of the century off.

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