Thursday, September 6, 2012

God brought back into the Democrat Platform.

What a fiasco.  References to God and Israel were dropped from the Democrat platform in Charlotte.  The controversy generated caused party leaders to reverse course and amend references to God and Israel back into the platform.  But as you can see from this C-SPAN tape, the two-thirds requirement for new amendment was clearly not met yet the presiding officer ruled that it was anyway.

It was said this was an oversight, yet the Democrat Platform was decided last month.  It was an oversight only in that it caused a controversy and an excuse was looked for.

The original exclusion of any mention of God (and then only in reference to "God-given talents.") and the floor opposition to restoring reference to God speaks volumes about the philosophical, theological, moral perspective of leaders and activists in the Democrat Party.  God is an afterthought and even then not a very welcomed one at that.  It highlights a heightened, aggressive secularism.

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