Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Civil Disobedience Next?

I think most people, who take their faith seriously, have experienced prejudice and religious bigotry in the public square. (Yes, the public square is full of christophobes.)

If not because they've been verbally abused for expressing a biblical worldview outside of their place of worship, then because they believe the revisionist lies about separation of church and state and are too scared to speak out.

Sadly, for many their fear is subconscious, muzzling their testimony and keeping them on the sidelines, holed up in their church.

But why should it matter that Christians are being told to shut-up in the public square? We still have our bible studies and can go on missions trips to third-world countries.

Clearly, it matters to the unborn, God's design for marriage, the family, the environment, fiscal responsibility, feeding the poor, the epidemic of pornography and the size of government - to name just a few. In fact, can you think of anything that would not benefit from the inclusion of a biblical worldview?

There are other voices however, who understand the consequences of this pervading bigotry and fear and, if not checked, wonder if civil disobedience is next.

CLICK HERE to watch a video from Chuck Colson and the Manhattan Declaration.

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