Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big hairy audacious goals - that's what Republicans need.

Republicans are banging on Obama for every bad thing that's happening in our country. Just as the democrats did when the republicans were in power.

Some suggest that's all that's necessary to regain power. Keep saying we're not the other guy. Fred Barnes suggests that's not enough. Ultimately, people need to know what you believe and stand for and want to do.

He writes in recent Weekly Standard column:
For Republicans, the Road Map authored by congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is the most important proposal in domestic policy since Ronald Reagan embraced supply side economics in the 1980 presidential campaign. It’s not only the freshest, boldest, and most comprehensive Republican thinking, it’s also the most relevant. If Republicans adopt the Road Map as their basic ideological blueprint, it offers them the prospect of a landslide in the midterm election this year, followed by victory in the presidential election in 2012.

For sure, that’s a lot of weight for a policy statement drafted by a 40-year-old House member to bear. But the Road Map is perfectly timed to deal with the crises of the moment: economic stagnation, uncontrolled spending, the deficit and long-term debt, soaring tax rates, health care, the housing problem, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.

Yet Republican leaders are wary of endorsing it, and for understandable reasons. The Road Map is sweeping and politically risky. It would overhaul popular programs like Medicare, relying on individuals to make decisions now made by government. Democrats are already attacking it. When Ryan delivered the weekly Republican radio address in late June, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put out a press release under the heading, “Republicans Make Key Advocate of Privatizing Social Security and Ending Medicare Their Spokesman on Budget.”

It reminds me of what Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great" and "Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies" wrote. In the latter book, one of the keys to success of great companies is they had audacious goals. I think that applies to other organizations, including political parties.

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