Friday, October 16, 2009

Whither global warming and "cap and trade" expected to cost Minnesota families $1,700 a year.

With unusually cold temperatures there hasn't been as much talk about global warming. The operative code word now is "climate change".

Yet despite the refusal of Al Gore to acknowledge the errors of his work on global warming, the push for "cap and trade" continues. The proposal is expected to cost the typical American family between $1770 and $2900 a year.

Passage of cap and trade will be one of those tax increases which will force the already shaky US economy off into a ditch like ill-advised government policies did in the 1930s, extending the Great Depression through the entire decade.

We shall see what happens in the coming years of this decade.

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mom said...

wont God fix the change? there isn't any global warming or issues via the bible is there?

you should be just fine as long as you believe in the science of the bible.