Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spirituality in America: far from a biblical worldview

A poll on spirituality in America recently reported by Parade Magazine (October 4, 2009) reveals how far we as a society have slipped from a biblical understanding of faith and spirituality, in which faith is grounded in truth revealed in the Bible and is integrated into all aspects of our lives.

The poll indicates that although Americans tend to be spiritual minded, its largely a self-styled, self-determined, and self-centered spirituality that is practiced, if at all, for people's own peace of mind and has little impact on how they think, the choices they make, or how they live their daily lives. Click here to read the Parade article.

Sadly, the poll reflects the pervasive post-modernism that has infected American society. It begs the question posed by The Truth Project(TM): Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?


Herb said...

To not be post modern and to base your "truth" in a book such as the bible, then means, that your moral structure codones things such as slavery, rape, and muder.

is that your post modern morality?

How many times this week did you rape or murder your slave perhaps is the question I should be askinng.

Elaine said...

All this means is that the majority of people do not follow your religon. you are a radical extemist religious group. Others are not.

For you to think that your truth is the only truth is to have a dictator like mentality, and the want to have a religious state.

That is what your last admistration that followed the most closely to your views put our country to war to fight against.

mom said...

self styled, self-determined? You mean like what Jesus did?

perhaps one day your morality will mirror christainity for now it does not.

I will pray for your immoral behaviors and Immoral structure and practices.