Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize. For what?

It's announced that President Obama is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course the award is given for some particular accomplishment, or normally so. President Obama's accomplishment? Giving the world hope apparently. I'm not sure that's the case and, in fact, in my view his policies are inviting trouble both on the security and economic fronts.

His selection probably says more about the politicized nature of the Nobel Peace Prize. Here's an interesting list of past recipients of the award by the folks at Powerline.


Elaine said...

yes the world is wrong, and you are right.

facts over opinions wins. His contribution to the world already has made it a better place.

and in my opinion, your moral bankrupty, and want to indoctrinate the world with only your opinion is what the world is trying to overcome! and the good is winning!

Elaine said...

Obama wins Nobel for "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation"

The MFC wins for efforts of indoctrination of their personal beliefs and opinions.

Blog mole said...

Elaine, you don't have to read it.

mom said...

A country that has a nobel peace prize owner for a president is something to celebrate. A country who has a leader who wants to address the children of the country to encourage them to be the best them can be is something to be celebrated. A country who has a leader who is working to promote health, peace, and wealth is to be celebrated.

You might not agree with with his politics but the patriotic thing to do is to acknowledge, and to congratulate a person who is doing his not only his job well done but someone who is trying to breach the divided line of politicts.

I have never agreed with all our presidents, but I have always listened, allowed my children to listen and talked about the differences in my opinion compared to theirs.

A country where there are many opinions, and the freedom to have them is a powerful great country.

A group of people trying to conform others, to push their personal spiritual belief system onto others is wrong. Its against the intent of this great country.

Keep your words at the churches, and in the homes.

STOP trying to indoctrinate the world.