Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two-thirds of Iowans Want to Vote on Marriage

Good News: Two-Thirds of Iowans Want to Vote on Marriage
Citizen Link
by Jennifer Mesko, staff writer

'The political power in this state rests with the people.'

Two-thirds of Iowa voters want to decide the definition of marriage for themselves, by placing a constitutional amendment on the ballot. Unfortunately, the earliest that could happen is 2012.

The poll, conducted for, comes three months after the state Supreme Court dragged same-sex marriage into the Heartland. The results mirror surveys done last year.
"Public opinion on marriage is consistently a 65-70 percent issue," said Bryan English, director of public relations for the Iowa Family Policy Center.

"The numbers tell us that Iowans want the right to vote on the Iowa Marriage Amendment. How the political class responds to these numbers will help separate the wheat from the chaff among those who seek office in 2010."

Of 500 registered Iowa voters contacted by telephone this month, 67 percent agreed "voters should have the chance to vote on a traditional marriage amendment to the constitution." Thirty states have amended their constitutions to protect the definition of marriage.

"Iowa citizens still know what marriage is, and they still know how laws are made," English said. "The political power in this state rests with the people. They are not comfortable with the court making law for them, and on an issue as important as marriage, they want to have their say.

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Claude said...

Why does your religion need to state what is a marriage? Marriage is a new thing. Not created by God. It was created to ensure ownership.

It is a legal thing.

There is law to state seperation of church and state.