Friday, July 17, 2009

Pastor Ken Hutcherson calls out President Obama on Civil Rights comparison

Not all African American Pastors agree with President Obama's comparison of "the plight of homosexuals to that of blacks during the Civil Rights Era."

Ken Hutcherson, Pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland Washington says,

"'There is nothing, nothing that compares between what the Afro-Americans went through and what homosexuals are going through now.'

Hutcherson expresses disgust with evangelicals who still support President Obama, despite his promotion of policies that are at odds with scripture. He says such individuals are part of the "evangellyfish" movement in America."



Unknown said...

Certainly not all civil rights movements are the same. No one's flight is less or more important. This isn't about competition of who had it worse.

Any inequality is bad. And its time for the religious extremist right to stop forcing thier choices and lifestyles on the mass public! its time for all americans to understand that there are differences and that religion is a choice. It is not a fact, or can be proven by any math or science. It is a behavior. The religious right exgtremists are protected by law, their choice is protected by law.

The time of colonization is to be over. That is what this civil rights movement is about.

Claude said...

Again, another example where seperation of church and state is the problem here.

One can not support Obama and be religious?

To call on people to rally up against someone because they disagree with their religion is in fact anti christ like.

Do your real history and fact finding on your own religon.

Stop letting the ones in "control" cotrol you.