Thursday, July 9, 2009

New scientific report refutes APA claimes

One hundred years of scientific research shows change in sexual orientation is possible and beneficial.

Report also refutes claims by American Psychological Association (APA) that:
1. There is no conclusive or convincing evidence that sexual orientation may be changed through reorientation therapy.
2. Efforts to change sexual orientation are shown to be harmful and can lead to greater self-hatred, depression and other self destructive behavior.
3. There is no greater pathology in homosexual population than in the general population.

Analysis of report:


Claude said...

I would ask all your readers and followers, to do some research on this sort of research. Jeff Johnston has been debunked time and time and time again.

The so called "science" the focus on the family uses needs to be researched as well. I urge all readers, to be very wary of these claims.

My opinion is that this is exactly the example of how groups like this is what makes them so dangerous.

Please do your research on anyone that claims they have done research. Is all I ask of any reader. Its my opinion that all of this research can be, and has been debunked easily.

Elaine said...

In my opinon, Debunking NARTH is simple.

here is a starter link.

In my opinion, some better claims are written in articles much like the link I provided.

A simple google search on Debunking Narth, or credentials from the anaylists that focus on the family uses is a good idea for anyone is my humble opinion.