Friday, August 29, 2008

Pelosi's misstatements about Catholic Church's position reverberating among Catholic leaders

Rep. Nancy Pelosi's misstatement of the Catholic Church's historical view of abortion is resulting in a broad response from various Church leaders. In a recent "Meet the Press" interview Pelosi said Catholic leaders “for centuries had not been able to agree on when life begins.”

St. Paul/Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt released a statement last week reaffirming statements made by other Bishops.
“On behalf of the 650,000 Catholics of this Archdiocese, I wish to reinforce what Cardinal Rigali, Bishop Lori of Bridgeport, Conn. and Archbishop Chaput of Denver have said about Speaker Pelosi’s misinterpretation on the question of when life begins. The Church has taught for centuries that life begins at conception and there is no room for misrepresentation of that teaching. In addition, modern medical techniques have been able to confirm what the Church has already known.
“Surely, there may be some Catholic politicians who will take a different interpretation of this Church doctrine during the coming election campaign, but Speaker Pelosi’s remarks underscore once again the need for Catholics, and especially Catholic politicians, to form their consciences according to the moral truths taught by the Catholic Church.”
I think it's another indication that orthodox, scriptural-based Christian leaders across the denominational spectrum are re-engaging the public debate over the paramount moral issues of our day -- abortion and marriage.

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mom said...

I would love to ask her, so how is that abstinance only education working out for your family huh?

Lets talk moral grounding? There are lawsuits against her ethics, her own child who is under strict teachings of her higher "moral" ground is a teenage mother to be.

Its getting a little old too, to use the "im a regular guy" routine as well. Obama a snob? I guess the fact that he sent himself to college, paid for himself, as a minority, dealing with the slanders and disjustice of a racist nation, getting futher than any other man in his situation, with a single mother backing him, who only owns one home (and actually knows where it is, and doesn't forget how many homes he might own) is a snob. But a man who can't remember how many homes he has, thinks 5 million dollars is middle class, is just a regular guy?

you will tow any party line that suports your two agenda's in life Tom Prichard. and the family council, anti gay rights and abortion. if those are on the table then if its the devil himself you will vote for him.