Friday, August 29, 2008

The maverick side of John McCain shines forth in selection of Palin

John McCain surprised most everyone with his selection of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin for his vice presidential running mate. Most people thought it would come down to Governor Pawlenty or Mitt Romney. Palin's name had been mentioned but not among the finalists. It demonstrates, as some have said, the fighter pilot in McCain -- he's willing to take risks. She's relatively unknown and inexperienced (Though she does have more executive experience than Obama, McCain and Biden combined.) and thus viewed as a possible risky choice. Others say it was a home run selection. She's young, a woman, conservative both socially and economically, and willing to fight the powers that be as she did in fighting government corruption.

Gary Bauer, national pro-family leader describes her as a home run. She's strongly pro-life and pro-marriage -- the two bellwether issues for social conservatives. Some questions were raised about her stance on gay rights and specifically domestic partner benefits.

A Washington Post in a story had this to say about her views on the issues.
On her campaign Web site, she described herself as a "conservative Republican" who believes firmly in free market capitalism, as well as a "lifetime member of the NRA" with a strong commitment to gun rights. She also said she opposes abortion and believes that "marriage should only be between a man and a woman." However, Palin has shown receptivity to gay and lesbian concerns about discrimination, and as governor she vetoed legislation that would have barred Alaska from granting state benefits to same-sex couples.
The background on the domestic partner issue is she vetoed a bill which sought to overturn a Alaskan Supreme Court decision mandating domestic partner benefits for state employees. She was advised by her attorney general that the bill was unconstitutional. A news report said:

In the first veto of an administration that isn't yet a month old, Palin said she rejected the bill despite her disagreement with a state Supreme Court order earlier this month that directed the state to offer benefits to same-sex partners of state employees.

Advice from her new attorney general said the bill passed by the Legislature was unconstitutional, she said.

"Signing this bill would be in direct violation of my oath of office," Palin said in a prepared statement released by her administration Thursday night.

I think the key point is she disagreed with the state Supreme Court decision mandating the benefits and she vetoed the bill because she felt, to do otherwise, would have violated her oath of office. That highlights her strong sense of principle.

Normally, vice presidential candidates don't make a big difference. Dan Quayle's difficulties didn't hurt George Bush senior despite his respected democratic vice president opponent, Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas. It will still come down to what people think of McCain and Obama. The choice does demonstrate that John McCain is willing to make decisive and even unpredictable decisions. And she could possibly sway some women voters disgruntled over Hilary Clinton's defeat.


mom said...

Tom, with your previous postings about who should be ellected and not as Vp, compared to how you so quickly sold your soul to the McCain camp, it clearly shows, that you do not have anything but single agenda lined politics.

Its a sad world when someone hides behind the title of religion to gain power.

Your actions, and your flip flop speaking has nothing to do with morals.

You are amoral, and will have to attone for your sins at the time of death.

You will be in the hell you belive in.

How can you even stand to look at yourself in the mirror?

Troy said...

Umm, I am waiting for the Christian Right to endorse Obama, since God has. American Family Association asked all its members to pray to God for heavy rain during Obama's speech on Thursday as evidence of God's displeasure with the candidate. Since God gave us perfect weather and ignored all of those prayers, will the AFA endorse God's choice? It is sad that many Christians would have considered rain a sign from God, but clear weather was not. Either these organizations are not Godly OR God does not agree with them. I wonder which one it is.

colin said...

This is about the main front runners?

Can you really say that, when the second in command of someone who is aged, and has had serious life threatening illnesses at his age, is litterally a heart beat away from the main seat?

You want Sarah taking the three am call?

Obama, has done well to suround himself with smart educated, and experienced people.

He has gone the high road and will not attack the personal slander and controversies that have come out on this pick.

Lets talk a little about those slanderous things.

She backs no sex ed, she is personally against birthcontrol and is for marriage only sex. Sounds familar huh? perhaps I can pick out those particular things out of every other posting here?

The woman can not morally take charge of her own family.

How is she going to take on the world?