Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another attack on freedom of conscience and religious liberties -- California style.

California is quickly the People's Republic of California with its incessant imposition of a politically correct, multicultural, socially radical agenda on the citizens of that state. The vanguard are the sexual liberation groups, in particular the GLBT groups. From mandating pro-homosexual materials in the schools to striking down the state's marriage through activist judges, they are definitely in the vanguard of trying to create the "politically correct" utopia.

Well, the latest installment is a recent California Supreme Court decision requiring doctors in that state to perform artificial insemination on a lesbian woman. The issue as stated by the Court was "Do the rights of religious freedom and free speech, as guaranteed in both the federal and California constitutions, exempt a medical clinic's physicians from complying with the California Unruh Civil Rights Acts Prohibition against discrimination based on sexual orientation? Our answer is no."

There are of course a number of problems with this situation and case. For one, is it in the best interests of a children to be raised in a lesbian household? No. Kids need a mother and a father in their lives. Fatherhood isn't a luxury and practices which deliberately create children without having a father in the child's life are wrong.

Second, should individuals be forced to violate their religious convictions to facilitate the above activity? Absolutely not. When we start violating religious convictions based on biblical and moral grounds society has a problem. It's a case of good becoming bad and right becoming wrong. (It's interesting in this case, the lesbian could easily have gone to another doctor. Instead she sued for damages to make her point.)

In this instance, it's bad for children and society.

As I've said before, the homosexual agenda is the biggest threat to religious liberties in our nation. When this freedom is assaulted, assaults on other freedoms are sure to follow.

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