Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome "Stop Welcomings Schools" readers

Unfortunately the bullying, idle-threats and name-calling took their toll at "Stop Welcoming Schools." We look forward to "Stop Welcoming Schools" starting again in the near future.

I've noticed another trend - censorship. Seems that the tolerance gang doesn't like open minds or dialogue. MFC understands that posts have been removed from blogs, on-line magazines and forums. That won't happen here unless it contains attention-seeking foul language like Shannon Drury's posts.


Jef Jones said...

foul language and biased one sided articles Like Katherine Kersten remarks?

words of hate such as lines that stated the normalization of homoexuality?

One issued homophobic statements that say, oh I don't have anything against homosexuals as humans just their behavior?

This is a legal matter. Its a harrasement against a minority group.


Anonymous said...

Having a rough time dealing with an opposing view, Jeff? Perhaps you want to back up what you say as well. As to your points:

1a) Foul language by Kersten? Please cite that one. I believe the only foul language that ensued came from the hard left as usual. Drury is a perfect example of a bad example.

1b) One sided and biased? Kersten allows for opposing views if you hadn't noticed. Other sites censor opposing views and whine about people posting comments that disagree with them. The audacity of free speech! As to the FACTS of her story, please tell us where you think she got the FACTS wrong. I know the curriculum and the politics behind how it got into the system very well. Her FACTS were accurate.

2) "words of hate"? So now, disagreement = hate? That's some tolerant standard you've put out there; care to be held to that yourself? Last time I checked, gay marriage is opposed by about 70% to 30%. 4-5% of the population is gay, so by definition they are out of the "norm", and by religious and non-religious alike.

But, please be specific with all of us; Why should K-4 boys and girls have to be subjected to a non-academic, clearly politicized "curriculum" in a public school that is dropping in academic scores? Our son at Hale was sent home last month with a note from the teacher that she just wouldn't have time this year to work on basics like telling time, etc. But, they got to see movies every Friday for the past several months. Plus movies in gym! Now they want to take even more time out to preach 'tolerance' and 'diversity' from THEIR one-sided, biased point of view, regardless if it offends the other 70%. Tell me, have you asked YOUR child lately if they are confused if they are a boy or girl? Have YOU shown fairly tales of two men getting married to YOUR child. You're entirely free to do that. Just don't impose that on others. We are not asking for a curriculum that that says this is wrong, just one that doesn't take sides on the issue.

3) Please read the definition of "Homophobic" provided in this curriculum and tell me that it isn't self-serving to HRC and its 'allies'. "Homophobia: Originally used to describe fear of people who are lesbian, gay or bisexual. More often today it is used to describe any level of discomfort or disapproval of people who are perceived to be lesbian, gay, or bisexual and transgender. This often leads to bias, hatred and harassment of LGBT people." So, it's now ANY level of discomfort or disapproval. . .doesn't really leave any room for differing opinions, does it? Why such fear on the left of disagreement, disapproval, diverse opinions? As to their claim of "leads to bias, hatred, and harassment. . ." The principal banned a mother from school property for a year for giving teachers her list of why she disagrees with this "curriculum" before school started, a young man lost his job at a lesbian-owned establishment two days after his father spoke out against "Welcoming Schools", a mother had vulgar graffiti scrawled on her sidewalk shortly after she spoke out, a mother had threats of a libel suit for stating the facts of the connection between a school superintendent and a GLBT law professor who specializes in litigation, both of whom are pushing for this "curriculum". Sounds like the reverse of this claim is true.

4) This is NOT a legal matter. We're talking about K-4 children who may have used the word 'sissy' or 'that's so gay'. These SHOULD be addressed, but not on the age-inappropriate level presented. Only after HRC proposed this "curriculum" did Principal Brancale start keeping track of GLBT related teasing and bullying referrals last fall. This is not a legal matter, unless it is not really about the children, but instead about a few grownups looking for validation for their sexuality by indoctrinating children at a young age.

Again, be specific in the future. I'm very sorry for ANY level of discomfort my opposing views may have had on you sensitivities.
Steve K
Hale Parent
Free to be tolerant without endorsing.

Anonymous said...

Steve K. (Hale Parent): excellent comments, rational and stated logically.

Please send a copy of the teacher's note to every board member and the Superintendent, along with the information about watching movies. What are the teachers being asked to do that prevents them from using school time for academic instruction?

To those who favor Welcoming Schools: Where is the evidence that this curriculum leads to higher academic performance, particularly for minority children? After all, isn't that the purpose of having a Welcoming School?

Or is the primary purpose of Welcoming Schools to convince children that there is only one acceptable viewpoint on the issue of homosexuality?

Anonymous said...

When people use terms like normalizing homosexuality, and kids hide under desks because of outburts a radical, rightwinged person has, then that is my proof.

I don't have issues with opposing views, I have issues with the voilence, and harrasement the radical right has on homosexuality, and differences.

A person makes a choice to what is their religion. A gay person is not a choice.

For you to come back and say well that is your belief, my religion says that its a lifestyle choice, what is to say that I can say my religion says to beat my kid daily? no diffferences. you CHOOSE, gay people do not.


Anonymous said...

Prove that it's not a choice. If I want to punch somebody I can CHOOSE to exercise self control. Gays need to do the same. Also, how about using spell checker. Your spelling needs work.

Anonymous said...

Way to not address specifics again, Jeff. Provin ur point. . .Ur doin it rong! I’m getting a little tired of having to drag out any proof for your absurd claims:

>”kids hide under desks” Please cite these instances, or is it just a straw man?

>”violence and harassment the ‘radical’ right has on homosexuality” and
>”outbursts a radical right-winged person has” Are these ‘outbursts’ and acts of violence happening in K-4 Minneapolis schools? THAT’S the target audience here, not you. I’ll deal with your narcissism in a moment. Homosexuality and gay marriage have been considered wrong and unhealthy for thousands of years. YOU want to change the definition of marriage after these millennia, and you call the right wing ‘radical’? Since when is using “normalizing homosexuality” hate speech? Look up the definition of ‘normal.’

>”beat my kids daily” ?? Another straw man! LOL

>”A gay person is not a choice” You CAN choose whether or not to act on your desires, impulses, and feelings just like everyone else has to. We all have to deal with the temptation of sin. I just don’t prefer to go around claiming one particular sin is now acceptable because times have changed. You DO have a choice. Narcissism seems to trump any self-restraint on the part of the radical gay left. As for me and my children, we have every right not to embrace, accept, and promote homosexuality. I know you want nothing more than to be embraced, affirmed, and coddled, but get over yourself, please. This is not about the adults. . .or is it?

I’m still waiting for you to address the specifics I asked for in my first post. Feel free to read it again, do some homework and get back to us.

Steve K
Free to be tolerant without warm fuzzies to you. MY choice.

Troy said...

" I just don’t prefer to go around claiming one particular sin is now acceptable because times have changed. You DO have a choice. "


I think divorce was once considered a sin but is now widely accepted in the Church. DON'T GET DIVORCED (the choice)

Wearing of make-up and plaiting the hair (New Testament) was a sin, but now Sunday morning is a fashion show. DON'T WEAR MAKE-UP OR DO YOUR HAIR (the choice)

Women were not to be leaders in the church and were to be subservient to their husbands. WOMEN SHUT UP (the choice)

It is as easy for a rich man to enter heaven as a camel to go through the eye of a needle. CHRISTIANS ARE GREEDY AND MATERIALISTIC (the choice, give it all up, like JESUS did).

I could go on and on with example after example of how the church has modified its teachings to stay relevant. The gay issue is just another one in a long line of flip flops that the church will eventually commit.

Anonymous said...

check history, marriage is a new concept. and being gay has not been considered wrong.

the bible promotes slavery is that right?

the bible promotes second wives is that right?

the bible says you have to wear a beard, do all you men wear beards?

the bible does not allow you to eat anything from the sea at one moment, and then has fishermen in another? contradictions galore!

The bible does not allow you to sleep in the same bed as your wife if she has her period and she is to be sectioned off from society. Do all have red tents in your backyard?

you are the ones picking and choosing what you believe in. what you don't like you leave out.

Anonymous said...

fact, at hale, a right wing anti ws parent scared a child with her outburts and that child had to hide under a desk.

Anonymous said...

I love how you assume I am gay.

I am not gay. I am a straight dad.


I embrace diverences. you limit them.

Anonymous said...

prove it is a choice?

the medical world, the history of time.

there has been gay people far far before your religion was started.

Anonymous said...

I think most of the posters here are missing the point. It is not the school's or government's business to raise our children. Period.

Anonymous said...

well, the posts prove that discrimination is what is really behind the reasons to not like this program, not the program itself.

Anonymous said...

That's not the point but since you brought it up...

The school is discriminating against those who have expressed a desire to raise thier own children with traditional christian family values.

Anonymous said...

then go to a christian school. your religion has no place in government!

speration of church and state!

Chuck Darrell said...

Your notion of separation of church and state is wanting.

But first, I encourage you to become a student of our nations religious and political history. They are inseperable.

Religion is written into our nations must sacred documents, inscribed on the walls of our most powerful institutions and referenced in political speeches from the birth of the American experiment.

This is a worldview battle - and the winner gets our children. I encourage people with a biblical worldview to push back and reclaim our rich heritage of religious free speech in our schools, government, public institutions and in the pulpit.

Anonymous said...

The want is in the letter of the law. you are unpatriotic to stand with against it!

privatize your children, go to the mountain and millitia yourselves to follow the word of god.

if you stand with the word of god, do you shed a beard? do you have a red tent in your back yard? does your wife sleep seperate from you when she has her period?

if not you shall burn in hell!

Anonymous said...

To Troy,
Your arguments aren't going to save you.

Anonymous said...

Also, why should I have to send my child to a Christian school when I'm' already paying for public schools. I imagine you are opposed to school vouchers? If I'm paying for it then I have a say as to what is being taught.

Anonymous said...

and what is being thaught is an equal education that is not religiously based. That is for your to choose. Not for me to be indoctrine with!

Anonymous said...

I love how no one has the guts to answer all the posters questions about how you pick and choose what part of the bible you follow.

Troy said...

anonymous said...
To Troy,
Your arguments aren't going to save you.

Dear anonymous...
Neither will your anonymity nor your "god" save you.

And, by the way, I don;t need saving.

(Christianity is a choice, the wrong one, but it is a choice).

Anonymous said...

Troy's response is a harsh one, and its a choice of his, I am trying to be a liberal and allow for anyone to have their views in life, their religions, and choices. But I have trouble when it comes to pick and choice time of the religions. You stand behind your religions to say that this or that is wrong, but there are tons and tons and tons in the holy book that you choose not to do. To not follow.

anyone have the guts to tell me why is it ok to say homosexuality is wrong, and that part of the bible should be followed but all the others shouldn't be or you have gone passed that? slaves!, beards, shellfish, pork, red tents, sleeping in seperate beds, taking on more than one wife, taking on your brothers wife if your brother should die, punishments of death for arguments, and disagreements, did I mention slaves? lol tell me why is ok to do away with slaves but not to do away with other hatred? I see no differences in your hate against gays and the act of owning a slave.

Anonymous said...

another law of the bible

For Six days,work is to be done, but on the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, holy to the Lord. Whoever does any work on the sabbath day must be put to death. -Exodus 31:15

anyone ever break this law?

its a law, and in the bible so it must be carried out!

lets gather the stones!

Anonymous said...

any one of you have been a teenager? have any of you have teenagers? have they ever done something wrong? stormed out? didn't listen? Did you perhaps do this when you were a child? If so are you or your child alive? is so lets gather the stones!

If someone has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey his father and mother who does not heed them when they dicipline him, then his father and mother shall say to the elders of his town, this son of ours is stubborn and rebellious he will not obey us. he is glutton and a drunkard. Then all the men of the town shall stone him to death. -deut 21

Anonymous said...

You follow the laws of homosexuality do you follow these?

Your male and Female slaves are to come from the nations around you. From them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life. -Leviticus 25:44

If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property - exodus chapter 21:20

Bid slaves to be submissive to their masters and to give satisfaction in every respect, they are not to be refractory, nor to pilfer, but to show entire and true fidelity. - Titus 2:9

Anonymous said...

"Having a rough time dealing with an opposing view, Jeff? "

ha! sounds like it from all the postings here, its your side that has the issues with trying to figure out what you actually deal with and don't!

way to go bible knowers!


Anonymous said...

will anyone be brave enough to answer the opposing views that are not followed any longer in the bible? why has slavery been stricken? why can you sleep with a woman in the same bed if they have a period? why can you work on a sunday? and sooo many more and not be stoned? why do we not put to death for these laws any longer?

could it be because its all choice of yours to follow what ever part of the bible you want?

YOU Are all in Sin for not haveing a slave! for not puting to death all that does sin! you will burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

No one is brave enough to say why some scriptures are followed to the line of the law, and others are dropped from history?

Why some and not all? even when in the same book, same passage?

Anonymous said...

I am not a theologian. God says in his word that he has written these things on our hearts. Some choose to acknowledge them, others won't. It's all right there ready to be revealed if you are open to it. Ask God to reveal the truth to you, and if you are sincere, He will. Otherwise your hearts will be hardened like Pharoahs.

Anonymous said...

Tell me what is the truth about slaves? your not answering anything, your not saying why you follow only some of his (Gods) laws and not the rest.

YOU are a hypocrite and hide bedhind what you say is Gods law. If you follow one you MUST follow them all yes? or you will not get into the gates of heaven.

YOU do not answer the questions.

is it not part of your religion to question at all? to read the full text? to understand it all? are you all such sheep that you will do what a Man TELLS you what to do? Can't you see its the preaching, not the golden rule that you are following?

why don't you follow slavery anymore? tell me that? why was it good then and not NOW?????????

no one is brave enough to say this. no one is brave enough to read their own bible the full bible, not just the little parts of when christmas is here, when easter is here.


Anonymous said...

"I am not a theologian. God says in his word that he has written these things on our hearts."

Then you must follow all his words yes?

Do you need to be a theologian to understand what you follow? I know fate is always your answer, but isn't Fate the foundation of how you belive, not what you believe? Do you not question why one law is ok to follow but another is to be pushed away?

do you need to be a Theologian to know your bible? To read your bible? To understand your bible? Or do you blindly let another man tell you what to believe and what laws to follow?

My simple question is why do you not follow all the laws, only some?

Anonymous said...

I don't follow a man. I follow God. I don't need to know it all. God reveals to me what I need to know. The rest is useless argument.

Anonymous said...

so the bible is usless argument?

You only follow part of the bible, why has god only told you to follow half his laws?

you have been shown his bible yes? you have read it yes? why do you only follow some laws not all his laws!

no one answers this! why is slavery not ok anymore? although the bible, gods words said it was??????

Anonymous said...

The bible states not to use any part of the pig. A footbal is made of pig skin.

Therefore football is a sin.

Anonymous said...

no one is asking you why you follow the laws you do. I understand, the bible, and God told you to. The question is why you DON'T follow ALLLLLLLLLL his laws?

Anonymous said...

So, what does any of this have to do with the "Welcoming schools" curriculum? We disagree on theology, big whoop.

Now we have it in writing from the left-wing school board that HRC wrote a curriculum that is biased, age-inappropriate, and insensitive to blacks.

Just answer the original question. Why should a public school get a curriculum from a political action committee (HRC) with a clear political agenda and indoctrinate K-4 children? I don't want my theology taught, nor do I want yours.


Steve K

Anonymous said...

The program is not to indoctrinate, but to educate.

Anonymous said...

This is a social service, civil rights issue, just as segration was in the schools, and political groups got that fixed!

Although your reilgion states in its highest book to not only to condone slavery but to have precise rules for it, perhaps you want to go back to segration.

Anonymous said...

Social Justice and current events are extremely important, if it wasn't for "special interest" political groups, women would not have the vote, or be in school! We would have segration, and we would all think the world was flat still!

So yes, having endorsed issues is ok. Its not a belief system, not a moral system, its a human rights issue!

Anonymous said...

References to old testament passages demonstrate a lack of understanding between law and grace.

Because of Christ we are no longer under "the law." We haven't been for 2000 years.

I encouage you to study Scritpure with an open mind and discern the full meaning of Christ's shed blood.

Anonymous said...


there fore you can not use one man can not lie next to another man! law

thank you sooooooo much for proving me right!

thank you for proving that you can not stand against the anti gay ideas!

thank you for considering your own text bias!

Anonymous said...

wow, someone finally said it!

no longer "under the law"

therefore the law that states exactly what you are so alllll anti gay about, can no longer hold true!

Anonymous said...

""Now we have it in writing from the left-wing school board that HRC wrote a curriculum that is biased, age-inappropriate, and insensitive to blacks."""

It is still under review, and will be continued to be supported, and will be put to program this fall. The text on what will be taken out, what will be put back in, and how it will be given is all that is under review, not if it will be done.

It is a good program, like all programs, things can be done better, and that is the case of what is happening now. To make a great program, even better.

And the case of same sex families will be part of it.

Anonymous said...

Yippy skippy! You win! The kids lose.

Anonymous said...

The only kids that loose are the ones that are told lies about people and how they live, and those who kids that are brainwashed into hatred, and discrimination. The ones that are told what to believe in, and are not allowed to grow up to choose their own thoughts and religious beliefs. The ones that are not educated in the huge diverse community at large, and the beautiful differences amongst them. The ones that are not allowed to think on their own, and figure things out with a gentle hand of guidance and protection.

That is who looses.

Anonymous said...

I understand why you are commenting on the facts, But the other blog posts are better places to blog about this.

Regarding WS. I would like to comment on the ideas that a special political interest group is backing it or introducing it.

Have you heard of the MSN Encarta? All civil justice laws are created and lead by political groups.

I hope the poster who declares that this program is going to be inducted into the schools, is correct.

To include the poster(s) who is a bit obsessed with slavery and the bible, again, the point that should be added there, is that slavery was condoned by the bible, was indeed used to try and stop the civil rights movement and to the equal rights of all races in our country, as it is used right now against the gays. It didn't hold up against moving forward with equal rights then, and hopefully A singular group(s) of someones religion doesn't stand in the way of equal rights amongst all people.

Anonymous said...

I have been told by friends to come to this site to see the huge amount of hate there is against the Gay's in general.

This is suppose to be a "pro family" site. Its a pro be what religion I tell you to be, or you are wrong site in stead.

I support Welcome schools program. I support the school of hale and the other two sites as well. Way to go to the brave leaders at those schools that are willing to stand up for civil rights and equality. For that is what school is meant to do. With out those types of people, women wouldn't be able to vote, or learn in school, and we would have seperate schools for races still!

Have people forgotten the past? Have people forgotten the facts?

Religion has no place in the public schools.

If you do not agree with this program, or with politics in the public tax paid schools, then you should by all means take your kids out of the public schools and teach them religion in the private sector.

And for those who say, I pay my taxes as well.... As do all people, for all things to take care of the group as a hold. Are you so narrow to only want to take care of your very own people? that only think like you do? I understand that Conservatives want small government, but how small would you have it? so no one gets anything?

Anonymous said...

Gay's exsist. Get over yourselves. They have strong, healthy lives, and want a nice place to live, love their families, and just have their own lives.

Anonymous said...

The word is lose, not loose.

Anonymous said...

bad keyboards, no spell check, the thought is still there. people sometimes put out their emotions and do not edit them.

Anonymous said...

The hate here is unbelievable.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

How much time do you spend actually doing for the public instead of "praying" for their sins?

Get out of your basements and stop organizing your hate!

Get out and do Christs work.