Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don't be bullied by hysterical accusations of hate

Who says I can’t love a homosexual while disagreeing with their sexual behavior?

A recent article in the Star Tribune quoted David McCaffrey, a board member of the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities as saying, “This is ‘yet another volley of dehumanizing spiritual violence directed at GLBT persons and their families under Archbishop Nienstedt's reign of homophobic hatred.’"

At best, McCaffrey’s comment is ideological nonsense. For instance, I have friends that have sexually cheated on their now ex-wives – yet I still love them. I know young adults that have had sex outside of marriage – yet I still love them.

No, name-calling and accusations of “hate” and “homophobia” are deliberate attempts to bully and silence those with opposing views.

The next time you are called a "hater" etc., ask, “Are you telling me I can’t love someone just because I disagree their sexual behavior?”

Let’s stick with the basics, we oppose homosexual marriage, anti-bullying and sex education curricula that affirms homosexual behavior because the medical evidence proves it is a killer.


Anonymous said...

the question is WHY do you disagree with the sexual behavior. is it cause the bible says so? if that is the case, please show me your beard, give me proof of no shell fish, and no pork. Tell me of the slaves you have owned and how they are to follow you as they follow god. Tell me of the red tent you own for your wives! and yes while we are on the subject of wives how many do you have? did you take on your brothers wife he died? if not you are to be put to death!

and we can go on......

Anonymous said...

Its time to stop taking what you want out of the bible and follow it. For all of you that do believe in evolution, for those who do understand that the sun doesn't revolve around us, and for those who do want to have God in their lives, you must embrace all man kind.

Troy said...

I doubt anyone will accuse me of taking this out of context...

"Love thy neighbor as thyself".

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

medical evidence does not prove its a killer. It has been part of the human life since the begining of time. The spreading of such "deadly" killers you want to discuss are not part of the homosexual crowd but of those who are in the "straight" crowd. Its virus and those that have been spread just like thyphoid and all the others through out time.

stop trying to hide behind its a medical killer, its not proven fact and you know it. you have no science on your side!

Anonymous said...

No where does God say that I have to embrace or tolerate sin. Part of the problem is that homosexuals identify themselves with their behavior. If you don't accept my behavior then you don't accept me? Not true. I love you enough to want you to change. I would be that way with anyone who was practicing sinful behavior. This one, in particular, has devasting consequences, not only for the individual, but society as well.

Anonymous said...

I love my neighbor enough to not want them to be involved in a destructive lifestyle. Ultimately, it is their choice. Just don't tell me or my kids that we have to accept it. It will never happen because it will always be wrong. P.S. I'm only anonymous because I'm too lazy to log in every time I want to post a comment.

Anonymous said...

For Six days,work is to be done, but on the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, holy to the Lord. Whoever does any work on the sabbath day must be put to death. -Exodus 31:15

have you ever broken that law?

are you still alive? hmmmm lets gather the stones!

Anonymous said...

You love me enough to want me to change? or perhaps enough to stone me since that is the law! tell me.....

any one of you have been a teenager? have any of you have teenagers? have they ever done something wrong? stormed out? didn't listen? Did you perhaps do this when you were a child? If so are you or your child alive? is so lets gather the stones!

If someone has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey his father and mother who does not heed them when they dicipline him, then his father and mother shall say to the elders of his town, this son of ours is stubborn and rebellious he will not obey us. he is glutton and a drunkard. Then all the men of the town shall stone him to death. -deut 21

Anonymous said...

I can help if we are throwing out bible passages! This one is for the ladies out there.

women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home for it disgraceful for a woman to speak in church. - 1 corinthians 14

let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men. she is to keep silent. - 1 tim 2

gay grandparent.

Anonymous said...

You follow the laws of homosexuality do you follow these?

Your male and Female slaves are to come from the nations around you. From them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life. -Leviticus 25:44

If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property - exodus chapter 21:20

Bid slaves to be submissive to their masters and to give satisfaction in every respect, they are not to be refractory, nor to pilfer, but to show entire and true fidelity. - Titus 2:9

Troy said...

Sorry you are lazy anonymous. I think that falls in with the 7 deadly sins - sloth. (but that is another discussion)

Many christians try to get the world to accept their beliefs, in fact, they actually HAVE an agenda- to win the world for jesus. that's fine, but it is offensive to the rest of us and our children. you are even trying to get kids praying in school. now if you want to pray in the privacy of your home, fine, but don;t make the rest of us have to deal with your old-fashioned, destructive lifestyle CHOICE.

Anonymous said...

hey I agree with you troy and I'm lazy too!

Anonymous said...

I think you are overstating it by saying "the rest of us and our children". I know a lot more people who would agree with me than would agree with you. If you want to have sex with someone of your own gender in the privacy of your home,fine, but don't make the rest of us have to deal with your deviant, destructive lifestyle CHOICE.

Anonymous said...

Tell me why do you think its a destructive lifestyle choice. is it cause your bible tells you so!

you have not answered any of the other laws the bible tells you to do!

will you not stone a gay person? you MUST your bible says to!

Anonymous said...

We are back to the word choice it seems again ( I agree with the one that wants someone to answer why one law and not all the others! I would love to hear that debate)

I love the word choice. Its actually religion that is choice. Sexuality is a chemical make up that is part of your brain, body, and hormones. It is made by God. It is not a choice. It is fact and science, how you choose to follow your God, is the choice to be made. Not sexuality.

gay grandparent.

Anonymous said...


2 Tim 2:23-26:
23Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. 24And the Lord's servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. 25Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, 26and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.

I pray that God would grant you repentance and lead you to a knowledge of the truth and that you will come to your senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken you captive to do his will.

Anonymous said...

as captive as slavery?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No one has the guts to explain why one teaching is right but the other is wrong.

your own teachings are contradictory!

Anonymous said...

It would be very nice if they answered your questions to why some scriptures are to be followed, and in the same book just lines down, they are not to be followed?

You are right to say they are contrdictory.

Gay grandparent.

Anonymous said...

is it hysterical to ask why some laws are followed but not all of them?

is it hateful to ask why one law and not the other?

Is it anger to question your actions. I am not questioning your belief of God, just your actions, just as you state on Homosexuals. Why do you follow the law of a man shall not lie next to another man as he would a woman? But do not a huge host of other laws in the same passages?

Its a simple, non angered question.

Anonymous said...

The book of leviticus says that a man must not lay down with a man as you do a woman. Ok, so its a bibical law, you follow that law. Get it. Why do you NOT follow all the others though? Why do you NOT follow all the laws? Why do you not follow the beards, hair, clothes, slavery, women speaking, and many many many other laws? How do you choose which sin to committ?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Murder is a sin too. Are you a murderer or a thief or an adulterer? If you are anti Bible then why don't you go against all the sins in the Bible? See how idiotic your argument is? Murder is morally wrong, so why don't you commit it? So is homosexuality especially when it hurts others. I have met many gay men that are often lacking in a characteristic I find very important, but not all, compassion and selflessness. But I have met some very wonderful, kind, and caring gay men as well. However, overall my experiences have been more with the first type unfortunately. I think that anything is wrong if it hurts others and inevitably someone is usually hurt when someone comes out, wife, kids, and parents. And I think making the decision to come out knowing how much it will destroy family members is a very selfish act. I don't approve of hurting someone else at any time when it can be avoided. I also don't approve of putting a child in a situation where one gender is missing in the family, I think it sets up confusing guidelines for the innocent child and that is also a very selfish act, to raise a child with two gay parents. Because no matter how loving you are, at some time or another that child will be hurt by others talking bad about their parents. To intentionally bring a child into this world to endure that kind of taunting is a very selfish act. And to think you can play God with the innocent lives of children is the worst kind of sin of all.

Anonymous said...

If your going to use the bible as a moral compass than you must be able to support all of it, if not, than you must support at least the very interest of what you support and how!

I do not hate it, I support it.

You pick and choose, I choose moral compas as my own vehical. Not a book, not a religion, but a way of life.

as for the poster who has a penis that only goes into certain parts of the anotomy. Do you only do that to make babies? have you had sex for pleasure ever? have you ever had oral sex? if so you are sinning in the same way gay people are! because your moral compas says so!

Chuck Darrell said...

FYI to all posters:

Please demonstrate respect for one another and refrain from questionable language.

Posts that are disrespectful, repetitive and use questionalbe language will be deleted.


Anonymous said...

Mother mary was a surrogate.

The first of its kind. How can you disagree with surrogacy if God himself was born that way?

Anonymous said...

Mother Mary was not a surrogate!!!! How foolish you are to compare a signed contract, exchange of money, and abaondonment of a child to that an act of God. Jesus was her child, and she was with him from beginning to end. Secondly what do you mean if God was born that way? God and Jesus are not the same. Jesus is the son of God and the son of Mary. If you want to modernize it, it would not be a surrogacy it would be an absent father and a single mom.

Anonymous said...

john 10:33

I am the father are one

There are tons of christains that go beyound "normal" means to gain parenthood. Are they all sinners? to use medical know how?

Mary didn't walk up to God and say hey let me carry your son. it was put there. She Carried it for God.

Anonymous said...

Using a surrogate mother to bear children for a childless couple is as old as Abraham and Sarah in Genesis chapter 16. Sarah could not bear children, so she gave her servant, Hagar, to Abraham so she could have his children.

and that was ok with God then so its not now?

Anonymous said...

The hate and lies about Gays here, are exactly the proof every needs to see.

its homophobic in the best light.

Anonymous said...

No where in that chapter does it say that Sarah became the mother to the child. Hagar bore a son for Abraham is all that it says. But I suppose you will whatever you read into it to make your illogical point. My point is babies selong with their mothers, BOTTOM LINE. And in fact in Genesis chapter 21 Sarah casts out Hagar and her son, as Sarah calls Ishmael! Hagar's son, not Sarah's son. How is that surrogacy then? It was always Hagar's son like Jesus was always Mary's son.

Anonymous said...

Chapter 22 Gad says to Abraham.-take thy son, Thine ONLY son, Isaac(Sarah's actual son). Not Ishmeal, Hagar's son. Not only does he not call Ishmael Sarah's son but he does not call Abraham his father either. So whose son is he? Oh yeah Hagar's the maid, he made that abundently clear. MAybe you should read up a little more before you bring up text from the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Very well put Anon! yes, I love how people claim to follow and know their bible so well.

They pick and choose what parts to follow. In this very own forum, someone actually got up and said, that the old testiment is not law, that is why the new testiment is here, because of Christ, we have grace, and the laws do not apply. For they were written by men, not God. But its those very old testiment laws that people stand behind when it comes to being Gay. Gay men have been in their clergy for hundreds of years, and beyound, but they do not accept it now? Religion is a shield and a costume for hatred here at this blog in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how a blog can stand on trying to say they are the ones being bullied? when they are the judgment and Jury of other people and how they live.

They get into other peoples lives, and children. They get into other peoples actions, when they should be looking at their owns.

They pick and choose holy books and only parts of those books to hide behind and to use as masks for hate.

I agree with the early poster who goes on about slavery and the condoning of it in the bible. It does condone it, and it can't be disputed that it does. But you just ignore that part, and pick the parts you want to use for your hatred.

Why not just go on with your own cult of religion and do not try and make others Follow your cult.

Because your religion now as it stands if you follow history, and the politics of the churches, has nothing at all to do with Christ and his teachings.

Anonymous said...

Well, this will certainly combat the posts that its medically wrong to be gay.

Anonymous said...

Civil rights has to start with the un informed.

I vote on moral ground.

I live my life on my families structure.

I live correctly and in good grace.

I have the very likes of people here that has beaten me, and spray painted terrible things on my home.

I have a right to be here as much as you do.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, why is the opposing thought here?

The very first post I read was from a poster named Jef. And the very rebuttle was "what you can't take a bit of difference in opinions without anger?"

Again, proven that you are the ones that can't take the opposing views.

Anonymous said...

So I guess you do not "love the sinner" You just want them all put on an island somewhere you don't have to hear them at? So much for enclusion, love thy neighbor, and do not judge.

I would love to hear one person, defend the slavery posts, those are my favorite lol, he/or she might have a one track mind on that idea, but its an excelent post. How DO you support parts of of the bible but not the rest? Why IS it ok for you to have gone past slavery and beyound that as a culture but not homosexuality? when all homosexuals want is equal rights, and marriage. The right to love who they are in love with. To have a strong family structure?

Anonymous said...

None of these people seem to know their bible. Only the parts that are read to them by clergy men.

Anonymous said...

yes, only the parts spoken to them by the clergy! how perfect for this line of subject, not to be bullied, isn't brainwashing the altimate bully proccess? Since you only follow the single words that are read to you, and are driven into your mind by route. yes, that is the altimate bully situation.

Anonymous said...

I am bullied every minute every second of my life by the gay agenda, I am a slave to the gay agenda.

Anonymous said...

How are you a slave to the gay agenda?

Does someone come to your house and tell you, YOU MUST BE GAY! YOU MUST LIKE SOMEONE OF THE SAME SEX AS YOURSELF! YOU MUST OBEY ME? lol, this is exactly the same flight that race and women had to take with people. AS long as the laws are not equal you will be out there enslaving the gay population. As long as its legal to bully, and discriminate you will. No one makes you do anything. You can teach, live and act on anything you want. Gays do not endager any part of your life.

But YOU ENDAGER GAY PEOPLES LIVES. by this type of discrimination. Which christ would think is a sin.

Anonymous said...

My life is endangered by the gay agenda.

Anonymous said...

How is it endangered?

there is no gay agenda, only civil rights needs for equailty.

You need help and saving only from yourself.

Anonymous said...

"Don't judge me because I'm gay" Meanwhile you are judging an anonymous blogger when you don't know anything about them or their story. I smell hypocrisy

Anonymous said...

I used to defend you, I used to honor and admire you. I gave a speech on gay rights and I volunteered for the Aids foundation. I used to accompany friends to Pride, I used to applaud your perserverance. And then one of you hurt me like I have never been hurt in my life and those of you that knew my story rallied to his side just because he was gay. You believed his lies even when he was caught in them. You instantly judged me though I had proof of how I was preyed upon. You allowed my rights to be stepped on to further gay rights and the gay agenda. He was fraudulent and manipulitive but you didn't care. You didn't even know me but I was not gay so you decided to publicly beat me to a pulp as if I hadn't been beaten enough. So no everyday I am filled with sorrow and anger. I am a martyr for the gay agenda. You have decided that before you even knew my name. I try everyday tomake the hate go away but with the constant torture and the constant inhumane acts done to me, I am left with no choice but to loathe the root of it all. You don't even know me and you still are against me trying to tell me I am an awful person because I try to stand up for myself and tell you how I was lied to. My words fall on deaf ears. You have taught me to hate homosexuality with your abuse and now you don't like who I have become. What the heck did you expect?

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a family, where I was raped, and molested by a man that was passed as my father. I didn't know that he wasn't my father till I was almost an adult. The sexual abuse went on for over ten years of my life.

I was lied to, abused mentally, physically, and sexually. I had to go out on my own at a very young age. For I knew that, that lifestyle was not correct, and that I could form a life on my own that was better.

I do not hate men because of it. I do not hate motherhood, even though my own mother failed me and stayed with an abuser over her own child.

I did not turn out to be a prostitute, I did not become a gang member, although I grew up in the 70's In one of the largest cities in the country.

I do not even hate my abusers. I have forgiven them, I do not have contact with them, but I have moved on.

I have been with the same man for over half my life time now, I have children. I live what you people here at MN family council, as the picture perfect life.

I support all equality, all life. I have true close gay friends, and they are wonderful parents, conservative livers, and do not "endulge" in anything that is not as "normal" as your lives.

I am sorry for those who have pain, but get help, get therapy. Get over yourselves as well.

I have belief, but I do not have your beliefs, and I also do not expect you to believe the way I do.

but to continue a blog that promotes hate, discrimination and heracy to what you call your holy book, when you pick and choose what you follow is in your own beliefs, a Sin.

medically, any lifestyle that jumps around from relationship to relationship, is a dangerous one medically. Straight, gay, bi or indifferent. A gay man who has few partners in life, and made good choices within those choices sexually, has no medical issue.

A straight woman who has had sex with many straight men, with out protection, has made a bad choice and is probably not doing well medically.

To try and use the medical aspect of what is not "natural" is not going the right way for you. Because science is on the side of all that make the right choice. And its choice that makes our lives, as americans great. As long as those choices are not effecting you, then why would you want to try and control society?

I get why you would live your lives the way you do. I get that you have beliefs, that you live by them, and that you hold them high in your social community that lies within those beliefs. But to go outside that community and to try and make laws, to control others in their beliefs, and ways of life is playing God. And that I know, for a fact is against all things you hold high.

I ask you, to do exactly what you always ask of people that support "other" lifestyles, choices, and genetic makeups. To understand what it is you support. Unlike the poster who spews out bible quotes, to try and egg you on, I ask that you do carefully read, understand that you have made the "religion" that you follow your life, as a pick and choice of what you want to follow, and that you just ignore the other parts.

Men made Religion. Not God. We all follow with our Human needs, not God's will. For if you think that we have free will (and your statements over and over again, that being gay is a choice, obviously you do, or that gay person is just doing exactly what God willed him to do), Then our beliefs are our own. Not God made.

I do not think that my little statement here will change anyones thoughts. But, I do want you to understand that you are just a group, that you are not a majority. That there are many many many other groups out there with their own thoughts, and ways of life.

A straight, Mom, happily married to a man, for many many many years. Who supports the equal rights of all, Gay, straight, Bi, and anything else we have in our great group that is Human Kind.

Anonymous said...

to the one that was hurt by a gay man....

I expect you to be a christian and not blame millions for the act of one person or one group.

Anonymous said...

Christian behavior dose not go on here at the family Council.

Only veiled attempts to try and Normalize their bigotry.

To try and get others, and to indoctrine them into their hate, and sins.

Anonymous said...

"to the one that was hurt by a gay man....

I expect you to be a christian and not blame millions for the act of one person or one group."
And so the hostility continues. Once again, I smell hypocrisy. You have no right to tell another person how to feel unless you have lived in their hell. I was not molested by a gay man by the way. I was molested by a straight man as a child, that doesn't even compare to the hell I've been put through by the gay man. I would take being raped anyday over the daily hell I live. But that doesn't matter. You obviously didn't listen to me, I used to defend you, I used to rally by your side. I no longer do that. I was not a big church going bible thumping christian. I do go to church now because it is the christians that understand my pain and have welcomed me with open arms. But your community instantly judged me, said terrible things to me and called me terrible names. Even though I had evidence of his lies. I'm not gay and he is so I am seen as the enemy before I even open my mouth. I have been more judged by your community than by anyone else in my life. You are hypocrites and false believers in acceptance. You do not accept people as you want to be accepted. You will only accept your own kind and demand that the world accept you. I have lost all respect for your community.

Anonymous said...

Again, this is one man, and his friends. Not millions.

Straight people are the ones that have caused wars, depressions, poverty, racism, bigotry of all kinds.

Do you hate all Muslims? Because of religious attacks in the middle east? And that is a huge groups of people, But as Christains, and decent people, you can seperate one from the millions.

If a french person, stepped on your toe would you call all french people clumsey?

If an Irish person robbed you, would all Irish be crooks?

If a group of hispanics girls on the playground, teased an asian boy, would you say all hispanics hate asains?

There is no logic for your thinking.

I do hope you get help for your pain. Therapy, from a real doctor is what you need.

Anonymous said...

I expect to be able to say and believe that homosexual sex is wrong and I don't what it pushed on me or my kids that it is right and that I HAVE TO accept it as such. I expect that you will be as tolerant of my belief as you expect me to be tolerant of your belief.

Anonymous said...

and tolerant of equal rights amongst us all. Not to push your religion on the laws. For that is indoctrine and the real bully status.

When you say I can not have the same rights as you, you are saying that I MUST LIVE LIKE YOU TO HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS.

When you can come to terms that you are trying to colonize the world on your beliefs, and I care not of what you do, then we can agree to disagree, and that you have a right to not approve of my behaviors or how I live.

Anonymous said...

For God so loved the World that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. Guess what that includes Gay people.

Anonymous said...

"behavior because the medical evidence proves it is a killer"

Sorry gay male here, never had a std, never will.

I have not the life you think I lead! You know what? 90 percent of us don't.

I am positive that you'all children (meaning in the plural sense) will have many more issues, because they are told that sex is bad, and they are shameful of their bodies.

I know many many more screwed up straight people than I do gay people.

Anonymous said...

Well I know many more screwed up, self centered, egotistical, control freak, biased, snooty, manipulative, and deceitful gay people than straight people.

Anonymous said...

thats sooooo funny because I am sure that you might know one gay person!

you must be a very lonely person.

Anonymous said...

title of subject

Don't be bullied by hysterical accusations of hate

If you are anti homosexuality. For what ever reason, you hate the "sin" not the "sinner" banner, its still bigotry against the act of millions of people.

Your belief is your own. Go about doing your own thing and stop trying to mix laws with religion.


Chuck Darrell said...

You are using religion to deny the medical evidence that homosexual sex is unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, medical evidence proves unhealthy situations only in unsafe sex. Safe sex is not unhealthy.

and how about the millions of Lesbians? how do you include them?

Or do you just have bigotry against men? Not against female homosexuals?

Anonymous said...

Gay, Bi, indifferent. If you have loads of partners, and you are not safe, then you will have medical issues.

HPV is a great example.

something like 80 percent of all people carry the virus and don't even know it!

With the cases of Teen pregnancies, and std's in the straight world, those numbers are what you should be worried about since you have a bigotry against Homosexuals, stop worrying about them. Go out and save your "own" kind.

Worry about the broken marriages in the church you go to.

Worry about the poor, the hungry and the needy in your own church.

worry about the infidelities of your "own" kind. The affairs, the sins there.

Why worry about the Homosexuals? Why?

Why do you need to convert them? why do you need to indoctrinate your religion on the millions and billions of people that do not follow your religion?

I am not gay, I am a concerned Mother and Parent and I am scared of the likes of you. Not of homosexuality.

I am ashamed to be in the same "group" as you.

Anonymous said...

Stop using the medical issues you make up as a crutch and mask for your bigotry.

And yes, I love the comments made by the straight mom! go MOM!

Not to mention gay women. LOL @ not even a yeast infection.

Not much to say there do you?

Anonymous said...

a man who is quoted

“The only thing that stands in the way of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Minnesota is the church.”

has a secret agenda to push religion on the state.

seperation of church and state!

Anonymous said...

Being gay is not simply a set of 'behaviors.' Nor are any behaviors associated with being gay inherently dangerous. If they were, then lesbians would have high rates of STDs.

Gay simply IS. You are born into the same life you would have had anyway, but you just are attracted to the same-sex instead of the opposite. There is no lifestyle, no danger to being gay: only the same choices that straight people face, every day. And unsafe sex, or drug use, or any of the other things you like to pretend are part of being gay are hardly constrained to gay people, unless unplanned pregnancies and STDs were wiped among straight people and it was kept secret. Based on the number of abortions and STDs among straight people, maybe you should worry about actions, not orientations.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that isn't normal
is the behavior of heterosupremacist males who obsess about their projections of the intimate activities of others, when, if they were really moral, would have their mind concentrating on their own lives.
When a minority group, like heterosupremacist white men, attempt to pass off their unnatural fantasies about other people and demand legislation reflect those notions, that is a behavioral disorder.

Anonymous said...

They can't fight against facts, only with fear, if they use the oooo you will die if you have gay sex....

When that is proven wrong?

they get a bit more quiet.

Anonymous said...

March 09, 2006
Syphilis cases soar among Minnesota gay men
The Minnesota health department reports that syphilis cases among men who have sex with men rose 191% last year, from 34 cases in 2004 to 99 cases in 2005. About 37% of those newly infected with syphilis were coinfected with HIV, according to the health department. People with syphilis need to inform their sex partners so they can be screened and, if necessary, treated, said officials. The department has trained personnel who can discreetly make that contact. "Clearly, in order to reduce syphilis rates in Minnesota, it is critical that we actively get the sexual partners of infected clients in for testing and treatment," said department spokesman Kip Beardsley. (AP)

Anonymous said...

Gay Women? how about them???

promiscuous sex causes issues, no doubt about it.

promiscuous un protected sex causes problems no doubt about it.

There is a higher amount of kids, straight kids, getting pregnant (teen pregancy is up!)

HPV is rampant. std's of all kinds up with Kids.

Your all focused on one part of the gay population.

Its the same amount of that population as the staight population.

A committed relationship where no one is sleeping around, is safe period.

Love, admieration, honesty and committment is never wrong.

Only your sick minds tell you so.

Anonymous said...

That was an excerpt from a gay web source. Who is focusing on what? Those are facts from a gay support source.

Anonymous said...

Tell me were you a virgin at your marriage?

I was.

I am a straight mom, stay at home mom.

Its the likes of you that scare me.

The extremist religious oppressing special interest group cults like yourselves.

I believe in Christ. In the good he did and to do good in his name.

You do hate.

You are hate.

You are oppression.

Just as Christ fought against and was was put on the cross for and from the same likes of people like yourselves.

Open your minds and your hearts and hear the lord, not the man preaching next to you.

Anonymous said...

The only one spewing out hate and hostility is you.

Anonymous said...

The spewing of hate done by you is much stronger than anything you percieve by my opposition of your views.

You oppress the public with the cult like ways you have chosen to live.

God, is my savior. he is the one that will judge.

I am a staight mom. Not a gay anything.

Do as christ did if you are a christain, not what the book of levitcus stated to do. For that book was written by a man not God.

Find your way back to the light.

Anonymous said...

The only agenda should be human rights.

My committment, love, monagomy and respect to my partner should never be something that undermines your marriage.

I am sorry if I am such a threat to the straight community!

Anonymous said...

As a straight mom with kids that is bringing them in a religious christain household, I have no issues with Gay marriage.

I have much more issues with the religious extremists that will force their beliefs on me and my Kids.

Oppression is never the answer.

Human rights, is the only answer, and to that person who said what next? Father and daughter?

You are a sick man. A very sick man, and should start praying to see the light.

Anonymous said...

You spend all your time on this blog arguing instead of being proactive. While I try to tell you I do not believe in gay marriage, you spew out insults. You belittle every single person on here that has a conservative view. The only one sick here is the person calling everyone else sick. Your hypocrisy smells from a mile away. Misty

Anonymous said...

religious extremist is not conservative.

Go to the bookstore and see the slew of ex administration people of the last 8 years, who have written just on that topic.

You try and link yourself with religion when you are a lobbiest group. Pushing your agenda.

Which is anti gay.

which smells from a mile away, the same same same as a neo natzi group.

Signed straight mom, christain. Who will continue the fight for civil and social equality, not based on religion.

For the minute our wonderful government does not have seperation from church and state. We are no longer America.

Anonymous said...

As a Gay man who has been with the same man for 20 years, never has had a std, never has had a bad sexual experience, and for the grace of God and my Child we have adopted, I hope straight mom is right.

I do have a gay agenda, I also have a family based agenda, and like the mom said a social and civil agenda.

Anonymous said...

Gay grandma here again, haven't been here in a while.

Why are there so many blog titles here that are against the Gay life style, actually I see no other blog postings.

That is the fact that I base my opinion on the idea that the MFC has one agenda and that is anti gay and is homophobic.

Does the MFC have anything else to do with their time and energy such as feed the poor? volunteer? hungry? how about that teen pregnancy that is way way up in the christain circle and the std's that are killing them? Does that count? or are they the straight kids not have much drama to hold the pulpit these days? Underage, not married sex, drinking, and driving, drugs and std's are all in the straight world. Why not worry about that instead of the Gay world?

Anonymous said...

The MFC is no different than a neo natzi group.

Anonymous said...

neo natzi shave their heads, so there is a difference lol!

Anonymous said...

errr those are skin heads, but yeah you get the point.

Anonymous said...

no no, I stand behind my skin head motion! There are groups of neo natzi's that shave their heads....


colin said...

With the example of HPV virus, that only hit straight women, the argument of its medically "wrong" to be gay, or the god gets back at gays with hiv is moot.