Thursday, January 31, 2008

Women still getting pregnant after using birth control. What's that say about contracting STDs?

A British abortion company acknowledged that over half of women who have an unplanned pregnancy were using birth control at the time they became pregnancy. According to a story, "Some 43 percent were on oral contraceptives when the pregnancy occurred and another 27 percent reportedly used a condom at the time."

Now if there's such a terrible success rate for contraceptives for preventing pregnancies which can occur only a few days each month, what does that suggest about the effectiveness of contraceptives, in this case condoms, in preventing the spread of STDs which can be spread any time of the month? Not much. Yet that's what the family planning and comprehensive sex education folks keep pushing.

Eventually common sense will come into play but it takes a long time when people are driven by ideology not the realities of the situation. The only reasonable, common sense approach to preventing unwanted pregnancies and STDs among our young people is a clear abstinence message.

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