Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is the University of Minnesota becoming Kinky U? And what does this say about our society and culture and where are we going?

Katherine Kersten, conservative Star Tribune columnist, pointed out in a recent column what some students and student group are up to at our state's flag ship public institution of higher education, the University of Minnesota -- learning about and promoting all matters of bizarre and deviant sexual practices.
It's just another field of inquiry for the dedicated scholars at "Kinky U," a student fee-supported offshoot of the U of M's Queer Student Cultural Center (QSCC).

QSCC already sponsors groups that journey down every sexual side-road and identity bi-way imaginable. Its 14 member groups range from "Biversity" (for "bisexuals, pansexuals, omnnisexuals, and those who prefer no labels") to "Tranarchy" (for "those who identify as transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, intersex, or gender diverse.")

Yes, you might think there's already something for everyone at our flagship institution of higher learning.

But Kinky U aims to reach out to groups still not fully embraced (so to speak) by the university community. It's "a social and discussion group" for those interested in "all forms of kink, including roleplaying, leather, BDSM [bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism], and much more," according to QSCC's website.

"The term 'kinky' can include anything from biting and scratching, 'which is pretty common,' to power exchanges and bondage," said the Minnesota Daily, quoting Michael Lent, the group's facilitator.

The moral bankruptcy of the University is articulated by comments from the University's vice provost for student affairs Jerry Rinehart who said:

"The purpose of groups funded by student fees, which are decided on by students themselves, is to help encourage a diverse array of ideas and perspectives...As long as the decision process is viewpoint neutral, the U cannot attempt to censor."
The typical bureacratic response. It's fine as long as it's view point neutral and we're here to encourage of "diverse array of ideas and perspectives."

It shows where the sexual revolution is leading us. Down, down, down. Once the Judeo-Christian perspective of sexuality and proper sexual perspective is jettisoned, e.g. sex between a man and a woman inside a marriage relationship, there's no stopping point. Not with cohabiting males and females, not with same sex couples, no it merely spins more and more out of control.

Why is this happening? Because we've lost the courage and the willingness to engage in moral discourse and call behaviors good and bad, right and wrong.

The consequence? Social anarchy. Sure, the actual practitioners of "Kinky U" sex are few in number but they're merely the vanguard the sexual revolution with lots of heterosexual promiscuity following in their wake. They, of course, aren't content to do their thing on their own but want recognition and endorsement of society through legal protection and sanction of their behaviors through anti-discrimination laws, public subsidies (Like student fees programs.) and in some cases redefinition of marriage for homosexuals.

Ultimately, the gold standard of a society and culture -- monogamous man and woman marriage is debased -- and that's the foundation of society. Cohabiting and out of wedlock births help create a social underclass which breeds criminal predators and general lawlessness in society. And of course this also feeds the social welfare system established to deal with all the resulting social problems.

Ultimately, this sort of thing affects us all.


Stellewriter said...

My concern is the placing of Transsexual and Intersexual individuals, which are congenital anomaly with medical Bioneurological which are not matters of preference. Not everyone is born in the binary of man and woman, rather something inbetween. Currently 1/2500 births are classified ambiguous where the doctor cannot determine the sex or gender of the child. - Stellewriter

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, we can fix those rare cases, too.

Stellewriter said...

Being a Transitioned woman and living a life at the hand of ignorant bigotry, perhaps, like Hitler's ultimate solution, there is a fix!