Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hollywood and pro-life movie themes: Are they seeing the light or reality?

Probably a bit of both. World magazine had an interesting article entitled "The plots thicken" on the emergence of pro-life themes in Hollywood movies and a number of television shows. After years of a strong pro-abortion bias, pro-life themes and messages are starting to emerge in films and shows.

Why is it? I think ultimately reality can't be denied forever. The culture is moving in the pro-life direction as witnessed by the growing pro-life views of young people. The damage which has inflicted millions of people touched by abortion can't be denied forever. The development of modern technology which allows people to see color pictures of unborn babies is also playing a role. The debate over partial birth abortion has helped driving home the reality that abortion ends a human life. And the economics of movie making have allowed lesser financed movies to reach more people who are looking for a pro-life perspective in films. This has made the major studios to take note. And I think there are more conservatives heading into the film and entertainment industry. They are having an impact as well.

It will be interesting seeing what is coming out of Hollywood ten years from now.

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