Thursday, October 4, 2007

What do the Teacher's and other Unions, Homosexual Groups, Abortion Supporters, and Radical Environmentalists Have in Common?

There's an interesting coalition of groups which has come together in Minnesota under the umbrella of "America Votes". Their goals as stated on their web page are to "come together to increase voter registration, education and participation in electoral politics." Sounds like a good government group. A closer examination of the participants suggests something much different. It's basically the cultural and political Left locking arms to advance their "broad range of issues including the environment, civil and human rights, choice, education and labor." Or to translate -- radical environmentalism, same sex marriage, abortion on demand, maintaining government union control of education. It strikes me as a rather unholy alliance of causes.

Some of the participants in Minnesota include ACORN; AFSCME; EMILY's List; OutFront Minnesota; NARAL Pro-Choice, MN; Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota Action Fund; Minnesota AFL-CIO, Education Minnesota; Sierra Club; and Wellstone Action!.

What did they do in the last election? Well, "
more than 5,000 enthusiastic volunteers...reached hundreds of thousands of voters in the Twin Cities, Duluth, Anoka, and Rochester by knocking on more than 250,000 doors and made 653,000 phone calls.

A couple of things strike me about this coalition. First, the cultural Left is coming together in common cause to advance their agendas. Who says there's not a link between advocates of abortion and homosexuality?

Second, it's sad to see the unions sell their soul to the cultural Left. I wonder what their rank and file membership thinks about some of the goals of their union's fellow "Minnesota Coalition" partners? I suspect a large percent would disagree with the goals of the cultural Left and have no idea what their union dues are being used to support.

The achievement of their goals will only be a less just and humane society.


Troy said...

And your group claims to want to bring Christ's-love to all people. Or to translate - force other Americans to believe the way you do, think the way you do, and hate the way you do. The LEFT has always been more Christ-like than the RIGHT. Who said there is not a strong link between the advocates of Christ and HATE?

Chuck Darrell said...

MFC does not hate anyone. We are opposed to the promotion of homosexual sex in our public schools and same-sex marriage.

Read "Born that way?"

Anti said...

Give it up, MFC.

You guys are just a mouthpiece for the religious right. Please go get some brains, okay?